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1592Re: [syndication] HTML Encoding BooHoo...

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  • Mark Nottingham
    May 23, 2001
      On Wed, May 23, 2001 at 12:57:37PM -0400, Morbus Iff wrote:
      > ** I eventually tracked the culprit to nothing in my code, but rather the
      > XML::Simple perl module, which seems to magick <XML> into <XML> all
      > by itself. I'm still investigating, but seeing the file encoded, and then
      > loading it through XML::Simple and Data::Dump[ing] it shows that it's
      > autoconverted. Why, I'm not sure...

      It does that because that's what it's supposed to do; XML processors
      must resolve entities automagically. If they want "<XML>" to be
      rendered by the final browser, it should be encoded in the RSS feed

      so that it will come out of the XML parser as:
      which will be rendered by the HTML parser as:

      Practically, the best thing to do is probably scan and allow a
      pre-determined subset of HTML, and entity-encode everything else (as
      is suggested by Dan).


      Mark Nottingham
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