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  • Julian Bond
    May 23, 2001
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      In article <>,
      >The same "reversion of entities" affects the <XML> as well, making it
      ><XML> as the final code to be sent for browser display. This, as some can
      >guess, causes problems. Specifically, in IE 6b for Windows, it stops the
      >browser display cold - IE thinks an XML document is on its way.
      >Now, the "reversion of entities" code in my RSS reader doesn't know about
      >HTML - it just blindly reverts < to < and so forth. Is the only solution
      >to my problem to make the code understand all the possible HTML entities?
      >Or is there something else?

      There's a fair bit of code around that removes all tags except a subset
      of "Allowable html". PHP even has this as a function built into the
      scripting language.

      I think the correct way to deal with this is for feed producers to:-
      - Only include html in <description>, not <title>
      - Escape all reserved characters in <description>
      For people who turn feeds into displayable code
      - Unescape all escaped reserved characters
      - Trim the tags to a sub set that you feel comfortable with for your
      display purposes.

      And that's it. There's some strange problem with "&" or is that "&&" or
      "&&" which I'll ignore for the moment.

      It's a SMOP. (Simple Matter Of Programming)

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