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1588ANN: groove tool "NewsClient"

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  • hpyle@agora.co.uk
    May 23, 2001

      We're producing a Groove-based news client tool.  It's available (Alpha-2 release) for some early testing if anyone here would like to.  We think it's quite functional and moderately stable;  there are a few tweaks, and one major feature still missing.  During the alpha & beta tests the tool will be free;  the final version will be a commercial product, but we've not worked on pricing at this stage.

      Supports RSS 0.9x, 1.0 and scriptingNews formats.  Reads OCS and OPML channel lists.

      (The major missing feature, if anyone's interested, is something in the vein of SuperOpenRatings:  having Groove users comment on news items and/or rate them, and feeding "public" comments back to a SOAP server which republishes them in turn as an RSS feed.   Early days, for this piece...)

      To install the tool
      - get groove (from http://components.groove.net/)
      - http://components.agora.co.uk/Agora/Injectables/NewsClient.grv
      - click to agree that you trust our code
      - the NewsClient tool will appear on your "Add Tool" pages.

      Comments etc welcome.


      hpyle@...       | +44 (0)20 8783 3592
      http://www.agora.co.uk/ | http://groovelog.agora.co.uk/  | http://rendezvoo.net/
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