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  • Morbus Iff
    May 23 8:39 AM
      Ok. I'd like some direction from the community:

      Is there any *singular* way (ie. across all versions of
      RSS/scriptingNews) that one should accept/encode HTML?

      This comes because of the following which happened today:

      In "The XML Cover Pages" RSS feed, there's a <XML>
      bit in the title of one of his items. No big deal, at
      face value, that's the correct way to do it.

      In some other places, however, where HTML is valid, you have things like:

      Hey! <b>This is neat!</b>

      Now, in AmphetaDesk, if I see code like the "This is neat" above, I revert
      the entities to the HTML state, so that they'll be properly displayed to
      the browser:

      Hey! <b>This is neat!</b>

      At this point in time, I *do not* want to get into a discussion of the
      morality of HTML in RSS feeds and how the world is going to end. My point
      of view is that I flipping hate HTML in RSS feeds, but I've got to cope,
      just like everyone else. Moving on...

      The same "reversion of entities" affects the <XML> as well, making it
      <XML> as the final code to be sent for browser display. This, as some can
      guess, causes problems. Specifically, in IE 6b for Windows, it stops the
      browser display cold - IE thinks an XML document is on its way.

      Now, the "reversion of entities" code in my RSS reader doesn't know about
      HTML - it just blindly reverts < to < and so forth. Is the only solution
      to my problem to make the code understand all the possible HTML entities?
      Or is there something else?

      Blah. Thanks for listening.

      Morbus Iff
      .sig on other machine.
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