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1070RE: [syndication] Re: Evangelizing RSS

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  • Jeff Barr
    Feb 18, 2001
      Indeed, Moreover's model (as I understand it) it to make money by
      driving traffic to sites by syndicating the information to the site,
      and then charging the sites for the traffic that is sent to them via
      a Moreover referral.

      Technically, they do this by syndicating URLs to Moreover sites instead
      of direct URLs to the content providers. The indirect URLs apparently
      increment a counter (ka-ching), and then return a Location: value to
      the browser to point it to the final destination.

      Here is an article with even more info:



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      In article <007101c0998d$a43d67a0$0401000a@...>, Rael Dornfest
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      >Just to be clear, these sites are not actually creating syndicated feeds
      >themselves at all, but are rather screen-scraped by Moreover and those
      >scrapings turned into RSS. They don't have to do a thing. Getting them to
      >produce their own home-grown RSS files is something else entirely.

      Well you learn something every day! I'd tried to get one of my RSS feeds
      registered on Moreover[1] and just naturally assumed that was how it was
      done. Ahead of the curve again, huh!

      [1] Unfortunately they want "cash" and being a cheapskate at a
      cheapskate org with no money, it'll have to wait. ;-(

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