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1069Re: [syndication] Re: Evangelizing RSS

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  • Julian Bond
    Feb 18, 2001
      In article <007101c0998d$a43d67a0$0401000a@...>, Rael Dornfest
      <rael@...> writes
      >Just to be clear, these sites are not actually creating syndicated feeds
      >themselves at all, but are rather screen-scraped by Moreover and those
      >scrapings turned into RSS. They don't have to do a thing. Getting them to
      >produce their own home-grown RSS files is something else entirely.

      Well you learn something every day! I'd tried to get one of my RSS feeds
      registered on Moreover[1] and just naturally assumed that was how it was
      done. Ahead of the curve again, huh!

      [1] Unfortunately they want "cash" and being a cheapskate at a
      cheapskate org with no money, it'll have to wait. ;-(

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