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1055Re: [syndication] Re: Evangelizing RSS

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  • Rael Dornfest
    Feb 17, 2001

      Quite simply, RSS is a win-win-win...

      * Web site producers acquire eyeballs via textual banner ads that
      folks are more than thrilled to host.

      * End-users get one-stop-reading, a centralized location into which
      from their favorite web sites flow.

      * Sites hosting these RSS items, of course, acquire pseudo-content for

      This is as true for traditional media outlets as an individual with a
      Weblog. It's a t-shirt giveaway that costs practically nil.


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      > Julian Bond <julian@...> wrote:
      > > What's in it for the traditional media outlets to publish a public RSS
      > > feed?
      > More flow to their site -- more hits, more fun.
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