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1053RE: [syndication] Evangelizing RSS

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  • Jeff Barr
    Feb 16, 2001
      When I tell people about syndication I like to do some comparisons
      to banner ads:

      Like a banner ad, a syndication file:

      * Is provided to draw traffic to the site.

      * Provides information about the site to raise interest (headlines for
      an RSS file, images or text for an ad).

      * Provides a way to navigate from the ad to the site (URL).

      * Is provided in one place and consumed in another.


      * Banner ads provide no interesting machine-readable information.
      Headlines, by way of comparison, can be indexed, sorted, categorized,
      aggregated and so forth. The intermediaries between the original
      RSS file and the ultimate presentation can add value in many ways.

      * The original site has to pay to get a banner ad placed. Since the
      syndicated information adds value to the syndicating site and to the
      site presenting the headlines, payment is generally not an issue. The
      syndicating site gains traffic, and the presenting site gains access
      to useful content.

      * Headlines, by their nature, are always fresh. Once you've seen an
      ad 5 or 10 times, you will subconsciously filter it out. But headlines
      change all the time.


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      Subject: [syndication] Evangelizing RSS

      What's in it for the traditional media outlets to publish a public RSS

      I'm curious about NY Times vs Red Herring, Guardian

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