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Re: RSS Neophyte needing help with getting through feed submission process (in "Awaiting Approval " status)

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  • Bill Kearney
    ... given on ... to pass ... It s set now. ... actually NO ... correct of ... unsure from ... as member ... That archive flag indicates whether the feed is
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 10, 2003
      > Submitted my feed and made adjustments to feed id # 25955:
      > I believe I have the meta data added and correct as the examples
      given on
      > the help pages; feeds stayed up for the requisite 6 days and seems
      to pass
      > the RSS/XML Validator.

      It's set now.

      > The "Archivable" Help link option on the page I view, shows
      actually NO
      > information below the titlebar, so I'm unsure what I need to
      correct of
      > anything, other than that I *do* have archives of the feed, just
      unsure from
      > that help page what needs to be changed. (This is while logged in
      as member
      > and "reviewer" - dunno if that matters.)

      That archive flag indicates whether the feed is interested in being
      archived, a feature not yet running.

      > Please forgive the novice approach/grovelling =) Any guidance
      offered when
      > tim is found, would be most helpful.

      No problem, we're glad to help.

      > I'm very glad Syndic8.com 's out here -- I think it's a great
      service to the
      > internet community and for this particular aspect of the internet.

      Thanks! It's always nice to hear from happy users.

      -Bill Kearney
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