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  • Jeff Barr
    Hi Everyone, The Syndic8 merchandise box (shown on the home page and on the feed info pages) now contains a link to a series of dynamically generated
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2002
      Hi Everyone,

      The Syndic8 "merchandise box " (shown on the home page and
      on the feed info pages) now contains a link to a series of
      dynamically generated merchandise pages.

      The "root" merchandise page can be found at:


      You can support Syndic8 by making your Amazon purchases
      through these pages.

      The really interesting feature here is that these pages are all
      dynamically generated using data pulled from Amazon using
      their new SOAP API. I built a small PHP module called PIA
      (http://freshmeat.net/projects/pia/?topic_id=914%2C92) to
      do the dirty work.

      More info on the Amazon web services can be found at

      Since this is Syndic8, each of the merchandise detail pages also
      has an RSS feed of its own. The description fields here are still
      pretty lame -- suggestions invited. You could also support
      Syndic8 by embedding these URLs in your own pages.

      The URLs to the detail pages and to the RSS generator are
      very flexible and (should you be so inclined) you can build
      your own queries pretty easily by modifying the Type, Category,
      and SearchKey parameters within the URLs.
      Type can be any of the following values:

      * Keyword
      * Author
      * BrowseNode
      * Manufacturer
      * Actor
      * Director

      Category is an Amazon category such as "books", "music", or
      "videogames". More info on this can be found in the Amazon
      developer documentation.

      SearchKey is the search key within the type. If Type is
      BrowseNode then SearchKey must be a browse ID. If Type is
      Author then it must be an author, etc. URL-encoding (e.g. '%20' for
      space). To find books by Donald Knuth, set SearchKey to
      'Donald%20Knuth'. The URLs also accept an "N=" parameter
      to control the number of items displayed. This value defaults to 15.

      There is a totally transparent cache between the merchandise
      pages and the RSS feeds, and the Amazon service itself. Data is
      retained in the cache for an hour to ease the load on Amazon's

      I need to put some <link> tags on the merchandise pages.



      Jeff Barr - Vertex Development - jeff@...
      IM: MSN: jeffscottbarr@...; AIM: jeffscottbarr
      Resume: www.vertexdev.com/~jeff/resume.html
      Good Stuff: www.syndic8.com www.headlineviewer.com
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