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Hi! http://szaki.net/_redirect?ivihjlj745611
Mar 14, 2014

Suggested feed not polling

I suggested a new feed back in Aug 2010, and the feed still hasn't been polled, have I missed something or done something wrong? Info below: Feed ID: 619060
Apr 15, 2011

Re: Is there RSS - Local CitySearch content ?

If you are coding a solution, you can get a zipcode database and use it to find the city names from zips and so on. You can also geo search zip code data to
M Metzger
Apr 8, 2011

Re: Is there RSS - Local CitySearch content ?

Shoot! I somehow didn't respond to the list. My bad. ... -- - - [Non-text portions of this message have
M Metzger
Apr 8, 2011

Re: Is there RSS - Local CitySearch content ?

It looks like the RSS feeds from CitySearch (which fail RSS validation, btw) are based on names of regions rather than ZIP Code -- but, you can search by ZIP
Stuart Whitmore
Apr 8, 2011

Re: Is there RSS - Local CitySearch content ?

The destination is in the title, you can use the title to actually filter the nodes. If you want I can send you the javascript that parses the title string to
Christophe Tayon
Apr 8, 2011

Re: Is there RSS - Local CitySearch content ?

I just google 'rss feed - zip or city'; if a site is using feeds there you go-
Apr 8, 2011

Is there RSS - Local CitySearch content ?

Is there CitySearch local content I can pull on RSS to a local site by zip? Tom
Apr 8, 2011


VTD-XML 2.10 is now released. It can be downloaded at https://sourceforge.net/projects/vtd-xml/files/vtd-xml/ximpleware_2.10/. This release includes a number
Feb 27, 2011

How to Best Use Syndic8

I just joined Syndic8 and look forward to contributing in a meaningful manner. I've heard of YahooGroups from different individuals but never joined any of the
Sep 30, 2010

Re: RSS virgin

Getting your content noticed is basically a marketing issue, and to a large extent this makes it a very separate topic from RSS. RSS is analogous to HTML.
Stuart Whitmore
Sep 20, 2010

Re: RSS virgin

iTunes - http://www.apple.com/itunes/podcasts/specs.html ... -- Maria L Gaycheck email : maria@... resume : http://www.gaycheckml.com helpdesk :
Maria L Gaycheck
Sep 20, 2010

RSS virgin

Hello, Parden my ignorance, I am looking syndicate pro video content and need all the help i can get to. I have added my RSS of one video to Meefeedia and
Adriana Kaegi
Sep 20, 2010

Re: Any activity...?

I don't do this anymore! Bj ... From: Stuart Whitmore To: syndic8@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2010 7:14 PM Subject: [syndic8] Any activity...? I
Bill & Dorcus Janisch
Jan 18, 2010

Any activity...?

I haven't done anything on Syndic8.com recently, but today I reviewed over two dozen feeds. (There are almost 320,000 feeds in the database pending review.)
Stuart Whitmore
Jan 18, 2010
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