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1071Re: [syndic8] Re: use view-source: URLs

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  • burton@openprivacy.org
    Dec 19, 2001
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      Julian Bond <julian_bond@...> writes:

      > In article <87pu5cdkou.fsf@...>, burton@...
      > writes
      > >You know that little icon that says "XML"? That should be a view-source icon.
      > >This is what we are doing for Reptile.
      > This cannot be right, can it? the most common use of this icon at the
      > moment, is right click, copy shortcut followed by paste into my
      > favourite news reader. If you add "view source:" to the front of the
      > url, i'll just have to delete it again. If the xml is served from the
      > source with text/xml and I click on it, then my browser should try and
      > do something useful with it. Like display it.
      > Is "view source:" really in the html4 and xhtml standards?

      Ah... no. I just think it is an accepted convention. AKA a de facto
      standard. Every major browser seems to support it.

      > This is an issue that is becoming more and more frequent. A link (maybe
      > presented with a button) that points at xml instead of http:, mailto:
      > etc. It's an issue that should be dealt with by the standards bodies not
      > individual implementations.

      Nah. Everyone is free to create URIs... just they have to prove that they are

      I see your point though but I don't think it matters here. :)


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