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1064Re: NewsIsFree.com changes.xml file?

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  • mwkrus
    Dec 19, 2001
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      Hi there,

      --- In syndic8@y..., Tara Calishain <calumet@m...> wrote:
      > Is Mike Krus out there? I understand from Daypop that he's doing a
      > changes.xml file which Daypop is using to grab new headline files.
      > Anyone know where I can get it, or am I off base?
      I'm here ;-)

      http://www.newsisfree.com/sources/changes/ for an HTML rendering
      http://www.newsisfree.com/HPE/xml/changes.xml for the XML
      (no RSS, will do if people want it)

      It's a little different from the weblogs.com XML file (hence the
      different version number). Each entry has three extra fields:
      - id: the id of the feed on NewsIsFree
      - s8: the id of the feed on Syndic8 (0 if no match is recorded in
      our db)
      - decay: the date of the olddest item for that feed in our database.
      It's do be computed in the same way as the "when" date (i.e.
      convert file update field to seconds, substract the value of the
      field for the feed) (this isn't clear is it ? ;-). That field is
      used by Daypop to clean it's index when our links die.

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