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734Three Women Production and Really Good Plath Blog/Website

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  • Laura Winton
    Feb 1, 2013
      So our performance of Plath's Three Women went very well at Patrick's
      Cabaret in Minneapolis, and so we are hoping to do the full version, with
      dancers, in the Minnesota Fringe Festival. The name of our group is Three
      Women Productions and includes myself, Brenda Bell Brown, and Roxanne
      Bergstrom (and three dancers TBA).

      Here's an excerpt from the beginning of the poem:


      I am slow as the world. I am very patient,

      Turning through my time, the suns and stars

      Regarding me with attention.

      The moon's concern is more personal:

      She passes and repasses, luminous as a nurse.

      Is she sorry for what will happen? I do not think so.

      She is simply astonished at fertility.

      When I walk out, I am a great event.

      I do not have to think, or even rehearse.

      What happens in me will happen without attention.

      The pheasant stands on the hill;

      He is arranging his brown feathers.

      I cannot help smiling at what it is I know.

      Leaves and petals attend me. I am ready.

      Toward that end as well, since we are all impoverished writers and
      performers, we have an Indiegogo Campaign set up to raise money for our
      Fringe admission fee. We need $350, seeing as how we are a small show and
      only need a small venue. If you can donate even $10 (or $5, or $1), that
      will help us out. We will have our current fundraising up until February
      8th, next Friday. Even if you can't come see the show, it would be great to
      have the support of Plath lovers to bring this long poem/performance piece
      to the stage. Here's the link:


      I also wanted to share with the group this really good Sylvia Plath blog
      that includes lots of information about books that are published, are going
      to be published, or have been published on or about Plath, Ted Hughes, etc.



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