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  • jill.pond
    May 27, 2009
      Kurt Cobain has this profile:
      perspective - objective: he sees himself as a loser.
      method - agonistic: there is an eternal, irreconciable conflict between himself and himself.
      ontology - substratal: matter is evil, but just matter
      principle - simple: nothing can change, never mind, nirvana, there's no hope.  
      Syliva Plath has this profile:
      perspective - subjective: she sees everything from the standpoint of falling through the blackness of  her personal existence surrounded by pitiless Nature tinged with sadism indissociable from her own self-hatred.
      method - dialectical: she strives to overcome her fate, but becomes one with the very darkness surrounding her in her powerless attempt to become independent of it.
      ontology - existential: there is nothing beyond her own experiences, and they torment her in their refusal to look at her.
      principle - simple: nothing can change.