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6290Re: [sylviaplath] RECOVERY IS CONFORMITY

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  • sdall49@aol.com
    Jan 22, 2009
      RECOVERY IS CONFORMITY – a straightforward equation for its time (and even ours):

      Nonconformity was/is treated as a "sickness" and broadly considered (though significantly less so now than then) to be a sin, if not an actual crime, against society.

      The only "Recovery" from that "sickness" was/is "Conformity," a very bitter pill for one (especially a poet) who does not fit the norm and has no desire to do so.

      (Happy New Year to all! Will the list members now come out of hibernation? Please?)


      In a message dated 22/01/09 15:26:27, jill.pond@... writes:

      Plath wrote this comment in her journal. So what does it mean? It suggests a resignation to the blackness of individual novelty, and its paradoxical heroism.
      Epictetus told us to conform to God's will. Suicide, he said,  is God sounding the signal of retreat!
      But for Plath, there's no God, and no "higher" signal. The rejection of conformity, however, spins in its own glory, till it wakes up to its own pitiless, inexorable logic, grand, but hardly comforting. Or maybe it is comforting? It's real, isn't it? It can't be epiphenomena: how can that coldness be just talk?

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