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6287The Resurrection

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  • des blair
    Dec 27, 2007
      Hello Jill Pond,
      And thanks for giving a group jag. I am off line for a week and when I get back on, there is a Blessing of E.mails from the group. (I don't know the collective noun for e.mails). Jill, you have galvanised us back to the keyboard again, and the poetry of Ms. Plath.
      I took to Emerson like a duck to ballet dancing and, as I read poetry for purely pleasure and not in pursuit of Academic excellence, I found Emerson too, too black. Ah! But Ms Plath is a poetess I find mesmerising and as regards her work..
      I cannot love her poetry more, I don't know how,
      Nor do I possess the eloquence to sing her praise.
      I can but lament her premature demise and wish,
      With all my heart, that I had seen and said
      That my bee gauntlets were like white lilies.

      Keep stirring the pot Jill, Regards Des blair

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