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  • jill.pond
    Dec 20, 2007
      Hi Sara,

      I'm familiar with Tim Kendall. Is there another individual who writes
      about the connection between Plath and Emerson?

      May I discuss with you something I find in her journals?

      I noticed that before she met Ted she enjoyed a certain youthful energy.
      This energy softened the impact of disagreeable experiences. For
      instance, she wrote about boys with light humored aversion at the very
      worst. Then she met Ted and at first she saw Ted and herself as sort of
      together against the world. But then she faced disappointments, and
      started getting really dark.

      Now one thing I find constant, however, during this time is a strong
      competitive desire to get published. It comes up again and again. So
      even without Ted, we see this deep-seated desire for recognition driving
      her to insane hurt.

      What I'm asking is - if she came to see Evil in Nature, what sustained
      her desire for recognition? - a desire that ultimately made her see
      herself as a "failure"? How can one be a "failure" in a cosmos that is

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