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  • etereamente
    Dec 20, 2007
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      Hello everyone,

      I'm Sara from italy.Since I've just finished my thesis about Plath I could
      say that Emerson wanted to integrate the *not me* (=nature) into the
      *me*. He was idealistic and had a positive relationship with nature.
      While Plath perceived that nature was sometimes hostile to this
      integration. She perceived that EVIL IS in the NATURE itself. After
      having tryied to integrate even hostile landscapes ( ex: "Hardcastle
      crags") .
      She became predatory towards nature. The final stage of Sylvia's
      process of integration of nature ispired by emerson ideas, is the
      *mindscape* poetry. She was able at the end of his career to integrate
      hostile nature and even trascendence. ( "ariel" )

      There is a chapter about it in: Tim kendall - a critical study (2001)

      My italian website (&thesis) is here : www.sylviaplaitalia.com


      ps. Sorry for the mistakes...:)
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