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New Plath blog

Hi Plath Friends, My name is Julia Gordon-Bramer and I am a new member here. I wanted to post this link to an essay I just published as a guest blogger on The
Aug 12, 2013

Fwd: We’ve Misread Sylvia Plath’s Famous Poem “Daddy.” It’

I don't know how many caught this interesting interpretation from earlier in the week. Although I'm not necessarily persuaded by the author's views, still as
S. Dall
Feb 15, 2013

Three Women Production and Really Good Plath Blog/Website

So our performance of Plath's Three Women went very well at Patrick's Cabaret in Minneapolis, and so we are hoping to do the full version, with dancers, in the
Laura Winton
Feb 14, 2013

Re: Performance of Plath's "Three Women" in Minneapolis Jan 18 -19

My Dear Laura,    I really would love to attend, but unfortunately I have a riot to attend in Belfast at 8.00pm.  Regards DesBlair p.s.  I visited Plath's
des blair
Feb 14, 2013

Performance of Plath's "Three Women" in Minneapolis Jan 18 -19

If there is anyone out there in Minneapolis, I am part of an ensemble performing excerpts from Plath's long poem, Three Women, this coming Friday and Saturday,
Laura Winton
Jan 14, 2013

Re: press submissions

Very cool. gabriel see you space cowboy ... From: Steven Felicelli Subject: [sylviaplath] press submissions To:
gabriel ricard
Jun 4, 2010

press submissions

Purgatorio Press is now accepting submissions of fiction and poetry - purgatoriopress.com
Steven Felicelli
Jun 4, 2010

Re: Why the Plath Legacy Lives

Absolutely fascinating. It's strange to think that it's been almost fifty years. Thanks for sharing this. It was surprisingly insightful on most fronts. I was
gabriel ricard
Aug 15, 2009

Re: Why the Plath Legacy Lives

I was wondering what had happened to this... Can someone provide an update about list status and management? Stephanie -- Dall & Associates 6700 Freeport
Aug 15, 2009


Kurt Cobain has this profile: perspective - objective: he sees himself as a loser. method - agonistic: there is an eternal, irreconciable conflict between
May 28, 2009

Why the Plath Legacy Lives

The New York Times pieces are not as reflective as one might have wished, but an interesting tribute nonetheless. -- Stephanie D.
S. Dall
May 3, 2009

Re: Defending virginity

That's an interesting thought. I like that. gabriel see you space cowboy ... From: Jill Pond Subject: [sylviaplath] Defending virginity
gabriel ricard
Feb 16, 2009

Defending virginity

We have to put ourselves in her time. The hysteria today over child protection to maintain what's left of an illusory sense of "moral order" in postmodernity
Jill Pond
Feb 14, 2009

Re: Chapter 19...one small question

I always assumed it was because one usually enters a certain degree of more pronounced sexual awareness when they become a teenager, which is around thirteen,
gabriel ricard
Feb 10, 2009

Chapter 19...one small question

Hello folks...new to the list. Just finished reading The Bell Jar for the first time, and I'm puzzled by one small detail in the episode with Irwin in chapter
Feb 10, 2009
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