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RE: {Disarmed} [sydneytandems] Stuff.

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  • Simon Phin (Beyond The Break)
    Sorry forgot to ad email address; simon@beyondbreak.com.au From: Simon Phin (Beyond The Break) [mailto:simon@beyondbreak.com.au] Sent: Monday, 1 September 2008
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      Sorry forgot to ad email address; simon@...


      From: Simon Phin (Beyond The Break) [mailto:simon@...]
      Sent: Monday, 1 September 2008 12:14 PM
      To: 'sydneytandems@yahoogroups.com'
      Subject: RE: {Disarmed} [sydneytandems] Stuff.




      I have enrolled myself on this email trying to get some information about Tandem Cycling.


      In short my partner and I are tandem surfers ( www.tandemaustralia.com ) and are keen to get into tandem cycling.


      We saw an ad for KHS tandem bikes in Australian Cyclist but have been unable to find any anywhere to have a look. I have spoken to William at Beach Road Cycles in Melbourne, who was very helpful but was hoping to find something a little closer to home here in Sydney. We live at Allambie on the Northern Beaches.


      Any direction or guidance would be greatly appreciated.



      Simon Phin

      Home 9939 1743 / Mobile 0400 100 814


      From: sydneytandems@yahoogroups.com [mailto:sydneytandems@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of Ken
      Sent: Monday, 25 August 2008 10:52 AM
      To: sydneytandems@yahoogroups.com
      Subject: {Disarmed} [sydneytandems] Stuff.


      I hurt my ribs at Rugby practice two weeks ago and thought it was
      getting better and jumped on my bike on Saturday and only did a couple
      of k's and could hardly function after that. Almost headed off to the
      hospital it was that bad. Anyhow the doc said it could be broken and I
      have to do for an xray, but they will not do anything if it is broken?
      so why the xray. So I am off the bike for a month at least. How goes
      the rest of you? Rodger are you 100% now. Chris is Tassi still
      looking like a goer? Rugby will be over after next week and as soon as
      that is done and dusted, the rib gets better I am going to start
      hitting more of the bike north rides. Cheers, Ken

    • Tracey and Marc
      ... wehad no trouble with cagers. ... that the car drivers could have moved into but we personally had no problems. drivers in melbourne are far more
      Message 36 of 36 , Oct 21, 2008
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        --- In sydneytandems@yahoogroups.com, "oz_guy64" <gsemon@...> wrote:
        > hi adrian,
        > just read the article and i wont be showing it to marian!
        > there were a few drunken hecklers early on but for the most part
        wehad no trouble with cagers.
        > there were a few instances where there was an empty outside lane
        that the car drivers could have moved into but we personally had no
        problems. drivers in melbourne are far more courteous than in sydney.
        > cheers

        .. far more courteous than in Coffs too.

        We had an enjoyable RTB ride... it was good to start out with good
        company, (thanks Geoff, Marian and Marty!) Unfortunately once Geoff
        insisted we were too fast for them we got a puncture within 2km! and I
        don't think we actually caught them again!- plus we were doing the
        circuit - over to Queenscliff and back to Melbourne via Geelong.

        We stopped all up for about half an hour on the leg to Sorrento -
        including the puncture: a loo stop, and one more pick-me-up at Dromana
        (we think!). We got to Sorrento about 10.30, got onto the ferry just
        after 11.00. We seemed to miss most of the rain - it was starting to
        spit at Sorrento, and with the wind chill factor we were glad to put
        on our rainjackets. We started out riding with them on at Queenscliff,
        but got too hot! Certainly a longer, flatter route back through
        Geelong, and a bit of freeway riding after that (although we were
        apparently getting along at more than 40kph on the flat at one point.)
        We got back to Melbourne around 5pm, after about 3 stops which seemed
        to get longer as the day went on (and my bum got more numb - and, last
        stop, waiting for a newfound riding buddy to finish stuffing a 100g
        packet of chips into his mouth!!)... Got to ride over Westgate Bridge
        with a stiff southerly crosswind which was a bit freaky! It was a bit
        of a cool day, but infinitely preferable to riding in 30 degrees (as
        it was on the Saturday!) or 38 degrees as it was last year, apparently!

        I reckon we need a shirt which says in bold letters the two main
        things NEVER to say to a Tandem team. The first, of course, is the
        "She's not pedalling on the back!" call (I ended up calling back "So
        why are my legs hurting then?!) ... and the other is the question "So
        who does all the work?". DUH! Most of the people who drafted us were,
        however, appreciative... (and we did start telling someone that there
        was a tandem drafting code, 'ya know!' - you can draft us, but once
        you do, you're not allowed to blow us away up the hills")

        We found the riders in general on this ride to be more experienced and
        less erratic (see my other report I'm about to do on our Brisbane to
        Gold Coast "stack"...)... Mind you, the start was pretty SLOW - it
        took us nearly an hour to get 5 km, which pretty much mucked our
        average up - we reckon! This guy we befriended had the right idea - he
        slept in a bit, started around 7am, and soon caught up to the main pack.

        Transporting the tandem on the plane was another experience, but all
        went well in the end (apart from us being on a smaller plane out of
        Melbourne, and the baggage guys taking our bike carton OFF again (Marc
        was watching all this through the terminal window.) They put it on
        the next flight to Syd on a 737 - so it meant a half an hour or so
        wait in Syd for it to arrive. Marc has had a bit of practice now
        dismantling and re-assembling the tandem a few times.
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