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Re: Are there many tandem teams in Sydney?

Hi Arwen We ride ours on weekends weather permitting and ride singles during the week. There are a few tandems around the place but I¹ve only seen people
Geoff Semon
Jul 18

Re: Are there many tandem teams in Sydney?

Hi Mike Another group to consider is www.dhbc.org.au The club rides from Marrickville and although a racing club there are lots of training rides during the
Geoff Semon
Jul 18

Re: Are there many tandem teams in Sydney?

Hi all, I don't think I've ever actually seen another tandem being ridden in Sydney, though I have seen a few trendy ones parked in various places. We bought
Arwen Sutton
Jul 17

Re: Are there many tandem teams in Sydney?

Thanks for the info Ken. Looking forward to meeting some Sydney cyclists in person. Your comment about making another stoker was pretty funny. I had to
Jul 16

Re: Are there many tandem teams in Sydney?

Hi Mike Sydney trains are pretty good for transporting bikes including tandems although I would avoid rush hour times. Many rides start at stations for this
Roger Leigh
Jul 15

Re: Are there many tandem teams in Sydney?

Hi Mike and everyone else, Bike North does get over that way but try http://www.lbug.org.au/ I have not had anything to do with them but they seem to be local
Ken Williams
Jul 15

Re: Are there many tandem teams in Sydney?

We've been looking for social single bike organizations in Sydney also, but had not come across Bike North.  We were searching for "clubs" which is what we
Mike Bianco
Jul 15

Re: Are there many tandem teams in Sydney?

Hi Mike and Caren There has been very little activity in the Sydney Tandem group for some time. It was mainly a group of us who had kids who we could take on
Roger Leigh
Jul 14

Are there many tandem teams in Sydney?

Hi. I just joined this group, but it seems pretty quiet. My wife Caren and I are very active tandem bike riders. We live in the US, but our daughter
Jul 14

Tandem bike box/case

I notice this was a topic a few years ago - has anyone found a good solution? Our cannondale tandem needs to travel from Sydney up to Queensland for their big
May 2, 2013

good tandem mechanic, Sydney-Central Coast-Newcastle

Hi all, I'm on the lookout for a reliable, knowledgeable and skilled tandem mechanic. Being based in Gosford, I'm looking for somewhere close to home, but am
Feb 4, 2013

Cannondale Road Tandem 2 (L/S 2009) For Sale

Hi, I have been trying to send this post for a couple of days without luck.I posted the photos a couple of days ago. My name is Darren Spina and I live in
Aug 26, 2012

Tandem weekend in Canberra

We're posting this message on behalf of Robert and Judy. ... You are invited to come to Canberra for a weekend of tandeming, on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12
Linda and Matthew
Jul 3, 2012

Re: Tandem Advice

I don¹t think Peter Bundy would charge to much to weld a disc brake mount on. If you do this make sure you get it installed on the chain stay rather than the
Geoff Semon
Jun 18, 2012

Re: (unknown)

Hi Kieran Just a few more thoughts As you and your brother are both lightweights you should be able to get by with just a standard road wheel so long as you
Geoff Semon
Jun 18, 2012
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