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Registrations for Moorambilla 12 Sept 2004

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  • Margaret Grove
    Dear all Attached is the registration form for this year s Moorambilla. My apologies to those on multiple lists who may receive this email more than once.
    Message 1 of 1 , May 3, 2004
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      Dear all

      Attached is the registration form for this year's Moorambilla. My apologies
      to those on multiple lists who may receive this email more than once. Please
      forward this email on to as many people as you can think of who may wish to
      join the Moorambilla massed choir.

      For those who are hearing about Moorambilla for the first time, the
      inaugural Moorambilla concert was held in 2003, a culmination of the vision
      and determination of Michelle Leonard to bring singers from all walks of
      life together to celebrate new and innovative music.

      Michelle is a professional musician and a gifted conductor. Her experience
      is vast and includes, to name just a few, Sydney Children's Choir, Baby
      proms, North Sydney Boys High choir, Newtown Performing Arts High School
      choir and various orchestras including the Conservatorium of music.

      In 2003, the Moorambilla concert at Paddington Town Hall included a massed
      choir performing new pieces by young and up-coming composers. These pieces
      were specially commissioned for Moorambilla and the massed choir
      participated in the creation and helped shape the compositions into their
      final form.

      A children's choir joined the adults for selected pieces, and Michelle's two
      choirs, Choralation (who hosted the event) and Leichhardt Espresso Chorus
      also performed.

      Moorambilla also travelled to the country, with a concert to celebrate the
      final weekend of the Mudgee Wine Festival.

      In 2004, Moorambilla is shaping up to be an exciting and innovative event
      once again, with new pieces specially commissioned for the Year of the Built
      Environment. The composition 'Moorambilla' commissioned for Moorambilla 2003
      will also be performed again, as well as other pieces providing a wide
      variety of styles.

      There will be five workshops prior to the Sydney Moorambilla concert. These
      will be held on Sunday afternoons and hosted by the very friendly and
      fun-loving Choralation. The dates, times, costs etc are in the attached
      registration form.

      There is no audition required!

      If you would like to experience something new and different, this is the
      concert for you! If you cannot find the time to sing regularly in a choir,
      you might be able to find time for 5 Sunday afternoons in the 3 months from
      June to September.

      For further details, or if the attachment doesn't come through, please feel
      free to contact me.

      Margaret Grove
      Executive Director
      Phone 0414 773 714

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