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RE: Note to paddlers

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  • jim_niehaus
    Thanks Pat. As far as supplies, thinking water for the swimmer and ring buoy would be wise. Some of the swimmers are amputees. George suggested the kayakers
    Message 1 of 4 , Sep 20, 2013

      Thanks Pat.  As far as supplies, thinking water for the swimmer and ring buoy would be wise.  Some of the swimmers are amputees.  George suggested the kayakers having a flag to signal patrol boats for assistance.


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      Jim, I've participated in several long distance races as kayaker with swimmer.  The kayaker usually paddles in front of the swimmer to guide them to keep them on the shortest course.   PatO
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      Hi Pat et al,

      I wanted to highlight an upcoming event where support may be needed from the paddling community.  George Williamson is leading the cause to raise awareness for Kids at Risk with the Conquer the Caloosahatchee Swim Challenge scheduled for Saturday, 10/26 at 7:30 AM.  They would like to have a personal kayaker for each swimmer to keep on course and provide added safety.  120 swimmers are potential, with multiple heats throughout the morning. For more details, click (or copy and paste) the below Wink News link:

      I will talk with George over the weekend to get a better sense of the numbers and needs. One thought for the kayakers is to launch from Rosen Park and paddle over to Fort Myers to meet the swimmers.  This will help reduce parking congestion at the Horton Park finish line.  Open to any suggestions and will also be contacting Mike Devlin for general guidance on kayaking alongside swimmers given his experience with Diana Nyad.

      Will share more next week.


      Jim  Niehaus

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      Note to paddlers:

      1) Keep cool and drink water before, during and after paddling.  Keep extra frozen bottles in your cooler.  If you start to get too hot place a frozen water bottle between your legs (groin) it'll help cool your bloodstream (tip from Carey Parks).  Put one on your neck too.  Ask for help if you feel overheated, we'll find you frozen water, water to drink, and shade.

      2) Keep track of your sunglasses.   We tend to remove our sunglasses during heavy cloud cover or when paddling through tight mangrovy areas.  If you put them on your head (habit) the mangroves/bushes/tree limbs will knock them off and you'll likely never see them again.  Let your sunglasses hang from your neck instead.

      3) I'm going to Blueway Planning Meeting this week.  Any comments or suggestions you want me to pass on?

      4) upcoming trips:
      9/21-22 nothing on schedule, I'll be out of town
      9/28 paddle from Gulf Coast Kayak to Thirsting Lake 5 miles
      10/6 launch from Pineland and paddle around Cayo Costa) 20 miles
      10/12-13 nothing scheduled, I'll be out of town
      10/19-20 nothing scheduled, I'll be out of town
      10/26-27 maybe a rescue practice, maybe at Steve and Jeanette's?
      10/30 6pm paddle launch near Bonita Bills
      11/1-3 Blueway Paddling Festival
      11/7-10 Car camping trip Lake Kissimmee SP
      Paddle trip details are posted in the calendar and/or a message.  If someone wants to plan a paddle, tell me about it, I'll put in on the calendar so everyone else will know about it too.

      5) Last Sunday Oscar, Ginger and I paddled from upper Imperial River to Riverside Park again.  It was fun and very scenic. 


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