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9/4 Commission Mtg Clarification

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  • Pat Owen
      FYI... Sorry for any duplication. While the email says you can show up at the 9/4 or 9/18 hearings, please note that if the BOCC makes a decision at the 9/4
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2013

      FYI... Sorry for any duplication. While the email says you can show up at the 9/4 or 9/18 hearings, please note that if the BOCC makes a decision at the 9/4 hearing there will not be a hearing held on 9/18! You have to show on 9/4 and 9/18 if at all! 


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      From: Vanessa Hazelton <noreply@...>
      Date: Tue, Aug 27, 2013 at 5:22 AM
      Subject: Support Extension at the 9/4 Commission Meeting
      To: karen.bickford@...



      Our Lee County Board of County Commissioners has approved the recommendation to:

      Close Lee County Extension
      Eliminate Extension Agents
      Close the Rutenberg Facility

      Extension operates under Parks & Rec budget of $28 million. Savings by closing Extension, $650,000!!!

      Other major cuts to Parks & Rec: $0 - NONE!!!  $27 million for baseball?!

      What does that mean?
      Ø  No more horticultural advice to industry and homeowners
      Ø  No more Master Gardeners
      Ø  No more Master Naturalists
      Ø  No more environmental stewardship
      Ø  No more Brown’s Plant File
      Ø  No more Sea Grant keeping our Gulf waters clean and safe for tourists and residents
      Ø  No more Consumer Science support for healthy life style education
      Ø  No more support for community gardens providing locally grown organic fruits, vegetables and herbs
      The list goes on and on! This is unacceptable! Outraged? Want to do something to stop this madness?!
      We need 500 people to show up and hopefully speak on behalf of retaining full funding for Lee County IFAS Extension Service at the Board of County Commissioners meeting held in Commission chambers on the 2nd floor of the Old Courthouse building at 2120 Main Street in downtown Fort Myers on Wednesday, September 4th at 5pm. Tell them what you think!
      Those who can’t make it then can go to the 2nd meeting on Wednesday, September 18, same time & place.
      If you want to speak, you must arrive prior to 5pm, fill out a blue speaker’s card and present it to Commission Chair Pendergrass.
      I was hoping to send an Evite to everyone but since I don't have direct access to anyone's email, I can't do that. If you plan to attend and/or speak at the 9/4 meeting I would appreciate it if you would send me that info via my contact link.. If you are unable to attend either meeting, please consider writing to ALL County Commissioners, the County Manager, the Director of Parks & Rec and a letter to the editor at the Ft. Myers News Press. Below are those email addresses:
      Commissioner John Manning  dist1@...

      Commissioner Cecil Pendergrass  dist2@...

      Commissioner Larry Kiker  dist3@...

      Commissioner Tammy Hall  dist4@...
      Commissioner Frank Mann  dist5@...

      County Manager Roger Desjarlais  rdesjarlais@...
      Director of Parks & Rec Dave Harner  dharner@...

      Thanks so much for all you've done. Your efforts are greatly appreciated!


      Vanessa Hazelton


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