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Debra Taylor 100 mile wilderness 12/15-12/23

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  • Patricia Owen
    Hi everyone, Debra Taylor contacted me, she s planning trip from Flaming to Everlades city, details below. She s wondering if anyone can join her for all or
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2012
      Hi everyone, Debra Taylor contacted me, she's planning trip from Flaming to Everlades city, details below.  She's wondering if anyone can join her for all or part of the trip.  Please contact her directly if you are interested or have suggestions.  thanks.
      Pat Owen

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      Pat - Thank you.
      I have a 14' Necky down here which I've used up in Maine before.  It has a rudder.  Space will be minimal.  I just finished thru hiking the Appalachian Trail so am using my ultra light gear.
      I can paddle l5 - 18 miles/day depending upon the conditions.  However not having paddled the area before, I planned the route to be 10-14 miles/day.  I'm open to shortening the trip by a couple of days if I'm with someone.  I have a VHF radio, charts/deck and hand compasses/GPS w/charts.
      Regarding the route - my plan is Flamingo to Everglade City starting outside:
      Day - approximate miles  - Camps/route
      1 -10 - Flamingo to East Cape via Middle Cape Route or Lake Ingraham
      2 -10.5 - East Cape to North West Cape via Ponce de Leon Bay Route
      3 -  9 - North West to Grave Yard Creek
      4 -10.5-Grave Yard Creek to Broad River Chickee via Broad River/Nightmare route
      5 -10-Broad River to Rodgers River Chickee via WW 32-60
      6 -12- Rodgers River Chickee to Lostman's Five via Darwin's Place route to WW #99 and to S. Chatham River
      7 -13/14-Lostman's Five to The Watson Place or Sweetwater Chickee
      8 -12- Watson or Sweetwater to Lopez River or Sunday Bay Chickee via Lopez River route
      9- Lopez or Sunday Bay to Everglades City via Lopez River route.
      Having paddle the outside, do you recommend an anchor at all?  Is it difficult to secure the hatches of the kayak/unload/load from the chickees (high water for example or not advised to stand in the water).
      Would you be willing to talk on the phone?  I'd be interested in your comments on the planned route too.

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