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Fw: [pcpcnaples] Almost a Bad 3rd Sunday Paddle ( a lesson)

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  • Pat Owen
       ... From: MichaelD     3rd Sunday paddle had a nice group of paddlers. I forgot to count. I wanted to go a different direction.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2012
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      From: MichaelD <midon6182@...>
      3rd Sunday paddle had a nice group of paddlers. I forgot to count.
      I wanted to go a different direction. Buffalo NY Marge & one other paddler decided to go with me. We were out just a few minutes & Marge asked  "where is the other guy". As we looked around we saw his Hobie peddle craft go over. We paddled back the short distance- asked if he was ok- he replied that he dropped his peddle drive in the water- I guess  he was going in after it - I didn't ask.
      The water was 70 degrees, ripping out & windy.. He righted his Hobie (a large heavy sit on top). Now he doesn't know how to get back in, I find out because I am explaining to him what to do in a bad situation. So he attempts to re-enter & as every novice does -his legs, instead of keeping them on top of the water & out - they go under the boat & the boat goes back over... Now remember the wind is blowing & the tide is moving OUT very  fast. His boat is leaving him but he did have his paddle. NOW I NOTICE THAT HE DOESN'T HAVE HIS PFD BUCKLED!!!  NOW I AM PISSED! because I know that this really isn't going to be easy. Because we are floating fast towards even deeper water & he has already gone under a few times.  I had to make a decision because he is getting that look of uncertainty in his eyes- So, do I get him in the boat or TRY  to tow him &  the upside down Hobie against the wind & tide to a place where he could stand up & a short walk back to the Fish House. I could have righted the the boat but we were floating fast & I wanted the options that I had @ that moment. Fearing some possible physical limitations of the swimmer as he is getting colder I decided to TRY to tow him & the boat. I had Marge take his paddle  I got the boat close where he could grab it. I told him to to get to  his bow & grab it-- I back paddled & positioned my stern so he could grab my boat ( he missed it the fist time he tried) the second time he caught it & I started paddling as hard as I could --all the time yelling for him to kick his legs to help me. Eventually we almost hit the Fire house dock but we made it to a place where he could stand.
      He thanked me & said I sure didn't expect this today (Remember -I am still pissed ) I said that's why they call them accidents (with expletives) That's why you wear your PFD correctly (with expletives)  The expletives were easy because my rib cage was cramping because of the towing & it hurt.
      My rib cage muscles relaxed  & Buffalo NY Marge & I HAD A LOVELY PEACEFUL PADDLE 
      NOW The guy that screwed up is a very nice guy ! His mistake is not realizing that kayaking can be dangerous & you just never know. Unfortunately , there are far to many people that think this way
      The good news - we didn't lose his boat & we didn't lose him - one or both could have been lost --WHO KNOWS-- but today was a happy ending--peddle drive  is m.i.a though.
      OH YEH one note-- when we started this little experience he could stand up & the water wasn't over his head
      PLEASE people --Wear the PFD & PLEASE wear it correctly-If not for yourself wear it for the the person that is trying to help you!
      Ask yourself this- what if....................? (fill in the blank)
      WEIRD WEEKEND - Saturday, Jayne went over, she always wears her PFD  & we did an assisted rescue - NO PROBLEMS-- GOOD JOB BY JAYNE! (except for the falling in part) LOL
      WeAr yOuR dAmNeD P.F.D.!!

      Mike Devlin, President
      Paradise Coast Paddlers Club

                                              PADDLE @ YOUR OWN RISK
                                                                  BE SAFE & HAVE FUN!   (TM)
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