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RE: [pcpcnaples] third sunday paddles and rescue and rolling practice - iiformal survey

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  • Phares Heindl
    Mike, Thank you – you have always been a champion of safe and skilled paddling. My proposal is simple. It seems that third Sunday typically gets broken up
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       Thank you – you have always been a champion of safe and skilled paddling.  My proposal is simple.  It seems that third Sunday typically gets broken up into different paddling groups.   Some paddle mangroves, some to the beach through Devlin pass others take off and go longer.


      My proposal and suggestion is simple.  A group be formed to use third Sunday primarily to practice or learn basic self rescue, bracing, rolling in all water conditions and simulate rough water conditions.  The Falcon Sea Kayaking Guide to Sea Kayak Rescue says recommends regular practice in all types of conditions until it is a matter of muscle memory.


      “ During your first year of paddling, practice recoveries near religiously every time you go out until they become second nature, even boring. Play close attention to the details, transitions, and balance points. Then work on variations and continue to practice regularly.  Practice is the only way to discover which recoveries will(or wont) work for you in rough water, and to keep your sills sharp.”


        Quote from Sea Kayaking Rescue, Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner Second Edition published by Falcone Press.


      I have received some nice response to the idea and there are even people that may come to Third Sunday just to be  a part of such a group or to help coach others.   Private groups of paddlers tend to spring off from club events and practice, paddle, or camp together.  This is fine and well, but to have a venue were safety skills can developed seems to be an important addition to this event and to the paddling clubs. 


      Clearly there are lots of paddlers in the club that could coach others and practice as well.


      I paddled for years on a river and though I did practice the two kayak rescue, since I was always so close to shore I never learned the paddle float, cowboy or how to roll.

       Others in the group that have learned these  techniques may not have the opportunity to  practice  or may have never practice in rough or simulated rough water conditions.




      Mike,  In any event may I ask the group to respond to the following survey questions?




         Do you attend third Sunday paddle regularly?



        Have you ever  attended third Sunday paddle?



         If third Sunday paddle included a group to practice and/or learn bracing, self rescue, T rescue, rolling or other safety skills would you participate.



        What experience do you have in performing rescue type of kayak maneuvers?




      Would you be willing to lead or coach a practice group regularly or periodically?



       If you don’t typically attend Third Sunday Paddle would the opportunity for regular practice and rescue skills development motivate you to regularly attend the event?



      If you would not attend an ad hoc volunteer group on third Sunday, if  a professional coach was hired (paid by a business or other sponsor) to lead a practice group/training group would you  then want to be a regular  






      Please email me your answers at pmheindl@...








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      Great idea Phares-- anytime -- I am usually playing around after the regular 3rd Sunday paddle--anytime!

      Plus this months meeting is featuring Chris Boland of Naples Kayak Co. Chris is an ACA level 4 kayak instructor. Any Questions can be asjked & at the April 17th Festivam Chris & Jay are going to be going a rescue show with on the water advice afterwords!!!!!!

      & watch for KERPLUNK DAY SOON--this KERPLUNK DAY  will be afor all skill levels



      Mike Devlin, President
      Paradise Coast Paddlers Club


                                              PADDLE @ YOUR OWN RISK

                                                                  BE SAFE & HAVE FUN!



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      Subject: [pcpcnaples] Looking for group for regular rescue - reentry - rolling practice - Third Subday?


      I have been paddling a long time but have never mastered or even learned reentry-rescue-rolling.   I have my reasons for this but that is not consequential to this request.


      I have been reading Sea Kayak Rescue by Roger Schumann and Jan Shriner.  This is a good and highly recommended book.  The authors recommend regular practice for every kayaker at all skill levels.


       Perhaps you will never capsize in the open water but even so I think it would be very valuable and comforting and make kayaking more enjoyable to have the confidence and security generated by regular practice of these safety skills.


      I am looking for people willing to practice monthly and am proposing that we do this at the third Sunday paddle at Capri.  In fact, I have suggested to Mike that rescue - reentry - rolling practice be made a regular feature of the Third Sunday Paddle.


      Please post your comments or email me privately,  Phares Heindl pmheindl@...


      Thank you.





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