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Re: [swflpc] Cold weather clothing

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    Here are some thoughts; You should always, in theory, dress for immersion. That is, however, tough to do down here because some days the air is just so nice or
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 7, 2010
      Here are some thoughts;

      You should always, in theory, dress for immersion. That is, however, tough to do down here because some days the air is just so nice or like today it starts out cold ( for us) in the am and then really warms up.

      I always dress to get wet because I usually practice rolling no matter what the weather or water is like. I understand that most people plan to NOT get wet, however this is always a possibility. Neoprene is what will keep you warm if you get wet in colder water, but that warmth will quickly be gone after you are back in your kayak and in a cool breeze.

      Blocking the wind on a cool day is vital. Especially for some of our older paddling friends.

      Just as an example, I went out this AM to surf with PCCP and I ended up at The Capri Fish House very early but even earlier than that because I forgot to set my clock back. It was cold ( for me - first semi cold paddle) and I planned to surf and possibly roll. I was wearing; NRS thin neoprene shorts with my usual columbia quick drry shorts over those, an NRS neoprene top with a DRY top over that, neoprene NRS kickers ( short booties), an NRS neoprene hoodie and hot mamba pogies ( the pogies were too hot after I started really paddling, the hoodie is real nice but way overkill if you're not rolling.

      The DRY top, as opposed to a semi dry top, actually seals me into the skirt and boat and has latex gaskets at the neck and wrists. This is overkill if you never paddle in waves or roll down here. If I had gone out later I have a short sleeve, semi dry top which is just fine. I also do have a (relatively) inexpensive  dry suit for extreme conditions or for doing lessons in winter like a roll class when I am in the water for a long time. There are only  few days per year that I wear that down here but remember I am usually looking for rough days.

      For most paddlers down here in the winter when the water really cools down, you should really have a thin pair of neoprene shorts and some neoprene top, as well as a semi dry top and booties. Even if you flip in the coldest conditions down here you should be ok with that. Your core will warm up after your body warms the water inside the neoprene and the top will keep the wind off of you after you get back in the boat. On a warmer day you can just wear a synthetic top under the semi dry top and possibly just synthetic shorts instead of neoprene. Just stay away from cotton for most days like this or cooler.


      On Sun, Nov 7, 2010 at 2:11 PM, Atmo Ram <atmoram@...> wrote:

      Now that we can expect colder air and water temps after this, our first cold front of the year, I think it is time for another "roundtable" discussion on the best ways of staying warm and dry in our kayaks.  This would help extend the paddling season for many of the group members.  And let's not forget that not everyone is going to rush out and buy a $1,000 drysuit!  Any thoughts on the matter, anyone?   QCC Scott
      P.S. Pat Owens: sorry I didn't make today's paddle.  I was all loaded up but a family emergency arose which prevented me from leaving the house.

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