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    I ve learned that when the weather conditions aren t ideal, it s good to look at the launch site before cancelling a trip. I ve missed out on a couple good
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2006
      I've learned that when the weather conditions aren't ideal, it's good to look at the launch site before cancelling a trip.  I've missed out on a couple good trips because I forecasted conditions wrong. 
      Last Sunday the winds were projected at 10-15 mph, but conditions looked tame from Pine Island off Tropical Point Drive, just a little tide and a little wind.  Five people joined me, including one paddler new to our group, Anne DeCarufel.  We headed southeast 90 degrees to a point just north of Reckum's Point but had to adjust to 120 degrees because the wind and tide pushed us further north.  Just north of Reckum's Point are two sandy areas to land.  We paddled south along the shore of Cape Coral and when we turned the corner of the Point the wind and current picked up quite a bit, some of the waves went right into my kayak.  When we turned into Punta Blanca Bay we were completely sheltered and all was calm and peaceful; the bay is long and opens up wide in a couple areas.  You definitely need high tide water underneath you in some spots to glide over the oyster beds.  An immature eagle flew over us and we saw several pelicans.  There are no landing areas in the bay so we gathered together to eat and drink before we headed back.  
      If you're in the neighborhood, check out the park at the end of Tropical Point Drive - there is an osprey nest on top of a hurricane battered pine tree and a friendly little blue heron will greet you at beach (he really liked Bill T's kayak) see a couple new pictures I posted.
      Thanks to Bill T, Bill and Lois, Yona, and Anne for joining me.
      Pat Owen
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