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    Hello all, Just a reminder that all sws locations are now up and running as of Nov 1. We close a couple for a few months in the summer. Please see our website
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2009
      Hello all,

      Just a reminder that all sws locations are now up and running as of Nov 1. We close a couple for a few months in the summer.
      Please see our website for full details.

      We now have a new location at the Bayfront Inn right on the Gordon river. This is a nice easy paddle either up rock creek or towards the Conservancy. You can launch your own kayaks there for now but please stop in the rental office toward the back of the hotel, down in the parking garage for directions where to park. Please also try to patronize the Bayfront Inn retaurant upstairs when you can. I would love to keep this a public launch site but ultimately its up to the hotel.

      Thanks to all who have volunteered their time so far to help out with the upcoming symposium Nov 12-15. This is a not-trying to make profit event just trying to cover expenses type event. We will be donating any proceeds to Rookery Bay.We have tried to keep it both simple and fun. If you can't do all 4 days please try to at least hit the reggae beach party Saturday. This event is free (except food) and open to the public.We have a full band coming in and they have assured me that it will be off the hook.Almost all of our manufacturers will be at the party with lots of stuff to try for free and there are lots of prizes.One lucky winner will be given the opportunity to touchs Dave Whitfords kayak momentarity and under strict supervistion.

      Here is some other news;

      We have done a better job of making our lesson schedules more clear on the website so please check that out. Jay has been doing most of them and has been very busy in the last few weeks since season started to kick.

      As always we have some new stuff for sale including boats and gear. By the end of this week we will be fully loaded and ready for season. Please stop by.

      Glades Haven

      Glades Haven is now being managed by the owners once again. Bob and Bobby Miller have done quite an overhaul down there and we are happy to be a part of it. They welcome all paddler so please mention that you are a local club member of pcpc or swflpc or backwater if you head down to check it out.There is always free launching there and lots of parking.There are three brothers working there that work for the Millers.Los tres hermanos ( the three brothers) I call them- they run a tight ship there at the Marina and that place is sqeaky clean.Tell them I said hi if you launch...

      Little Bar-
      If you are not on the email list for The little Bar Restauant then you are missing some pretty wild parties. The owners there, Ray plus his wife Amy and Sister Nicki love paddlers so again please say hi if you are padling down there.You can always launch your own kayak for free and there is lots of parking accross the street.There will be some new staff working there and at other locations so please welcome them to our community.

      The Capri Fish House-

      Has had quite a makeover as well in many ways. Owners Mike and Theresa have put a huge effort forth in making this wonderful place even better. Customer service is paramount and I even caught mike studying graphs showing how long from greeting until the drink order is taken etc.Wait till you see all the remodeling that our fellow paddler Ray U did in the restrooms!Parking is free for paddlers here but as we all know it gets a little tight in peak season- we are again trying to work out some overflow at the church.Say hi to Mike and Theresa when you're there.

      The Conservancy- is being remodeled but is up and running for kayak rentals and most other services.We have a bunch of nice new boats down there this year. There is no physical way to get your own boats there, sorry about that.

      Venetian Village- can't launch your own boats there but its actually a fun place to go rent. Lots of shopping and food and great places to fish by kayak.

      Other News- Congrats to Mike D and Don of 21st Century kayaks. I have heard that their presentation was very well received at the Calusa Blueway.

      Thanks everyone, I'll be back with more soon

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