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FBO Sale & Everglades Management Plan

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      Subject: KAYAK RENTAL SALE & more...

      104050 Overseas Hwy Key Largo FL 33037
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      Rental Kayak/Canoe Sale - Accepting Deposits Now!!!
      Our kayak rental and storewide sale will begin on July 25th for 2009. Back by popular demand we will be accepting early non-refundable deposits (30% down) towards the rental/demo boat of their choice. Early deposits will be accepted beginning May 1 2009. The rental/boats will remain in the Florida Bay Outfitter rental fleet until the release date of July 25 2009 or earlier on some boat models. Balance to be paid on or before release/sell date. Click Links for more info       BOAT LIST        SALE INFO
      Everglades Management Plan
      May 15 Deadline!!! I would like to take a brief moment of your time to express the importance of commenting on the Everglades National Park Management Plan. The most important thing to know is that this management plan will be in place for the next 20 years. Having been in Key Largo and having the Everglades as my neighbor now for 22 years I can certainly say we have seen some major changes around here. And when it comes to the environment I honestly wouldn't be able to think of anything good to tell you.
      Along with the laid back atmosphere our environment is and has been in deterioration even before I had arrived. Everything looked fabulous to me but there were apparently noticeable changes going on way back  when this was still a quiet little town. My Conch friends who's families have been here for generations would point out that yeah it's pretty but there's not much in the water like there used to be. So yes, but it was still Paradise.
      The20"Come As You Are" advertising soon hit the market, my thoughts, probably a big mistake.  Unfortunately some peoples ideas of being laid back don't include a hammock, flip flops and a cold drink. They slowly destroyed the Jimmy Buffets island style of living making room for the 5 Star lifestyle and creating high paying jobs. As success took over, if you want to call it that, brought more big toys, development, politics and so on... kind of like everywhere else but in an environment that can only take so much. Take a look at Google and you can actually see the boundary of the Everglades Park with the encroaching development in the Miami/Homestead area. Well by now I think you should be catching my drift. When I look into the water today I see Paradise dying. It has gone far beyond less marine animals. Our water quality has deteriorated. I have witnessed sea creatures swim and crawl onto our shorelines gasping for oxygen as an algae bloom turns our crystal clear waters into a pea green soup for miles and the cover up of blame that goes with it. I can show you trash 3 feet deep in our mangroves that will make you cry. I see manatees scarred, maimed and killed by propellers and yes strangled by fishing line. =2 0
      At one time it was an adventure to trek into Florida Bay and the entire Everglades but with technology, bigger and faster boats and more people that haven't a clue, it has become at times an overcrowded free for all with disregard to the wilderness environment and the very reason why the park was created. There are ways to enjoy our wilderness areas without harming them, it's called compatible use. That is why I am asking you to share your ideas and comments on the Everglades Management Plan. You will not be wasting your time. I honestly feel that the officials in charge want to make a difference but they need your support to back them up.
      I don't expect everyone to understand my point of view but it's time for some of us to take a hard look and begin to make the sacrifices that are necessary. That's progress in my eyes.
      Kids Kayak Camp
      We will have two sessions of Kids Kayak Camp for kids ages 8-12.  Price per camper is $295. Please contact Monica by email for more details and to get signed up. Hurry we already have campers waiting n line... monica@...
      Session 1 - July 6th through July 10th
      Session 2  - July 13th through July 17th
      Castaways Against Cancer
      June 6-12 – This is the 10th annual Miami to Key West fundraising paddle for the Castaways! The team includes club members Steve O’Brien, Patrick Linfors, and Pedro Almeida. Go to www.castawaysagainstcancer.com for more details and to donate to this worthy cause
      Paradise Paddlers and Pedalers
      The Southernmost Paddle /Pedal Club has a new website Paradise Paddlers and Pedalers
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