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      December 2008 Newsletter
      All Crocs on Sale
        Reg. $ 29.99
       Now $24.99  While Supplies Last!
      Don't Miss Our Christmas
      Kayak Sale
      December 5, 6 and 7 come on down to the shop and
      get great discounts on all our kayaks.

      Hobie, Native, Wilderness, Perception, Hurricane kayaks are all on sale. Right now, there is a Mail-in rebate offer on select Wilderness, and Perception kayaks from now until January 22, 2009. Re-coup $50, $75, or up to $100 from your purchase of a new Wilderness, and Perception yaks, or Mad River Canoe. We also have special pricing on select Heritage kayaks as well.
      Just think, What could be a  better surprise for your spouse at Christmas than a brand new yak under the tree!
      Don’t forget the extras. Grande Tours has all the gear you will need to rig your yak to perfection. Let our expert staff help put you and yours on the water this holiday season!

      &nbs p;
      Kayak Groups Enjoy the Estuary
      byChris Warren, Guide- Sales Manager
      December brings the beginning of snowbird season, so a lot of the local kayak groups are finding their way to the shop before the roadways and waterways get clogged up with traffic. The newly formed Punta Gorda Boat Club stopped by for a paddle, and had a wonderful time on the harbor. We were glad to accommodate them, and hope they continue to visit.

         About 20 of the Friends of Charlotte Harbor Aquatic Preserve had a group paddle with Ed Engel and Joe Mullen along for the ride. They picked one of the coldest days in which to paddle, and the current was ripping past the docks at the shop. There were lots of smiles and giggles as the current created a “bumper boat” environment for our dynamic paddlers.
         Roger DeBruler,=2 0Sea Grant Program Assistant from the county extension service, and U of F, brought some of his students from the Florida Master Naturalist course for an excursion. Judging from the grin on his face, I’m betting he found lots of things to quiz his students on, while paddling in the estuary. ( come to think of it, he always has that grin on his face.)
         I’d like to give a big thank you to the Charlotte Visitors Bureau for organizing the groups of writers who come here to experience our little corner of the world. Bill and I had the pleasure of taking a small group of writers on a kayak tour of our estuary. Mother Nature surely did not disappoint.
      We took turns explaining about the various Kingfishers, Herons, Ibis, and Osprey we passed, and we were even greeted and chaperoned for a while  by a pair of white pelicans out in the harbor. As we paddled through the break in Brown Pelican Island, a pair of Manatees shyly poked their noses out from the depths to examine our flotilla, as the brown pelicans gazed at us from their treetop roosts. Bill, kept the group enraptured with tales of the Calusa, and other Paleo-Indian tribes which inhabited this area long ago, as we made our way back home through the Woolverton Trails.
      Fall Camping Fun
      by Mary Cordero
      Cooler weather means good fishing, less bugs, and time to go camping again! It's always fun to see if "all that stuff" will fit in a kayak somewhere, and it usually does.

      Necessary equipment consists of a tent, sleeping bag, mattress, flashlight, dry clothes and of course the food and water.

      Destinations are chosen according to weather and tide conditions. Sometimes we want wind and sometimes we don't, but we always need a few inches of water or we might be hiking instead of paddling. Along the way we see lots of fish and birds, also an occasional manatee or dolphin.

      On arrival we set up camp, then those who like to fish go fishing and the others gather firewood and relax on the beach.
      After eating supper and sitting by the campfire for a while everyone starts to yawn and think about going to bed – but what time is it anyway? 8 PM, Oh well, the sun gets up earlier now.

      After coffee and breakfast, we start packing up to come home. A good time was had by all – and where shall we go next week?
      Fishing Heats Up!
      by Dave Loger
      Winter is in the air! The cold nights and cool mornings have really pushed the fishing over the top here in Placida with the Redfish and Snook seeking warmer water with plentiful food in their winter abodes back in the Creek behind Grande Tours. This time of the year is also a lot easier on the angler to target these chosen species of the flats. With the fish now concentrated in the back water areas of Gasparilla Sound and the fact that you no longer have to get on the water at zero dark thirty.
      My last few trips have been very productive on both spinning and fly-fishing tackle. Just a week ago I managed over 20 Snook with my seven weight on an olive and white bend back during a day I did not have a charter. The fish where laid up right next to the red mangrove roots around points and at the backside of select coves just a short distance away from the shop. Even though most fish where in the 12 to 20” range, a few where quite a surprise in the sub thirties, a real blast on that light seven weight.
      The last few trips out with clients where just as remarkable. Clive who was here on a holiday from England booked me for a half day that was truly a learning experience for him. He has neither paddled nor has any fishing experience here in Florida. After showing him the ropes he was well on his way to a slam with the first fish being a healthy 27” Snook followed by a Redfish about the same size and then finally the Sea Trout to round out the days catch and complete the slam. All fish where caught on my favorite D.O.A. Cal Shad tail jigs, pictures taken and where released unharmed to fight another day.
      A day back in the creek with an old friend of Grande Tours and mine produced a cornucopia of different species of fish including Redfish, Snook, Trout, Sheepshead, Flounder and Mangrove Snapper. Bill S and I spent the entire day using jigs, live shrimp and D.O.A. shrimps to produce these results on a dead low tide fishing the lures close to the bottom of deep holes where these fish where now our captive audience due to the low water.
      Winter time is one of the most magical times of the year not just because of the approaching holiday season, but the fish can be out of this world if you dress for the conditions and plan it right.
      Look me up and give it a shot. You are sure not to go away empty handed!
      The American Canoe Association Classes
      The American Canoe Association is conducting instructor kayak certification classes at Grande Tours on Jan. 16-19 2009. 2 classes are available: Intro to Kayaking $275, or Essentials of Sea Kayaking $350. To sign up, contact Becky Molina ACA instructor / educator at beckmail66@... or 772-971-3519. For additional info contact Grande Tours at 941-697-8825
      Grande Tours Charity Family
      Kayak Fishing Tournament
      To benefit Tidewell Hospice Children's Center
      December 7, 2008  8:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
      $50 Entry Fee (by November 15, 2008) $60 after November 15th
      1st, 2nd & 3rd place prizes for biggest fish of any species
      and a prize for "ugliest fish"
      For more information, click HERE. To register, click HERE.
       Let's break some water!

      Capt. Marian and the staff of Grande Tours
      Visit Grande Tour's Website at: www.grandeTours.com


      Upcoming Events
      Kayak Introductory Classes
      - Every Saturday from 9:00 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. An ACA instructor will teach you basic skills. This is great for first-timers or if you want to improve your kayaking skills. Emphasis is on safety, equipment needed, and proper selection of kayaks and paddles. Cost is $35 which includes all equipment and safety gear. Reservations are a must - classes fill up quickly!
      FREE In-Water Kayak Demos /Sampler - every Saturday from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. We have a good selection of kayaks to try with a short wait time. 
      FREE Frequent Floaters program, every 5th launch or rental is FREE.
      FREE Kayak Fishing Seminars held every 2nd Tuesday of each month at  6:00 pm, November through March, by fishing guide Dave Loger.

      NEW for this Year! Buy a new kayak from us and receive a FREE intro kayak lesson or 5 free launches.
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