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Paradise Coast Kayak Fishing Club's 1st meeting.

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  • Don
    The first meeting of the Paradise Coast Kayak Fishing club was held last night at the Sunshine Ace Hardware store, at Rattlesnake Hammock & Tamiami Trail, in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2007
      The first meeting of the Paradise Coast Kayak Fishing club was held
      last night at the Sunshine Ace Hardware store, at Rattlesnake
      Hammock & Tamiami Trail, in Naples. It was very well attended, and
      it was almost more of a show, than a meeting.

      The "show" started off with Chris Boland, of Saltwater Sports,
      talking about the guest speakers, and then introducing them. Chris
      had brought several fishing kayaks from his Saltwater Sports shop on
      Tamiami Trail, in Naples.

      The first speaker was Donnie Kish, a "back country" guide from the
      Naples area. He explained that he has been fishing these waters his
      whole life, and he talked about all of the advantages that kayak
      fishers have, over the power boaters... that we can get to the
      places the power boats can't, where the BIG fish are hiding from all
      of the fishing pressure. He gave some very specific tips regarding
      equipment, lures, and techniques. If you want some personal
      instruction, to learn how to fish these waters, be sure to call
      Captain Donnie Kish, at 239 825-1741, to arrange a charter.

      The next speaker was promoter Bob Riley, who owns the promotion
      company behind the upcoming Kayak Classic of Estero Bay tournament,
      August 25th. Bob talked a little bit about the CCA, and highly
      recommended that anyone that is serious about protecting the fishing
      environment, and their fishing rights, should join the CCA for only
      $25 per year. Membership includes a subscription to their magazine,
      which Bob says is worth the price of membership. For more
      information about the "Kayak Classic" tournament, go to:
      and click on "Kayak Classic @ Estero Bay August 25th"

      Our last speaker was Curtis Grant, the star of our own local TV
      fishing show, "Tales of the Everglades Angler". It was very obvious
      that Curtis and Donnie are fishing buddies that enjoy each other's
      company. Curtis backed up a lot of what Donnie Kish had been saying
      earlier, and added his own take on local fishing, talking a lot
      about targeting the "big ones". Curtis is a dynamic speaker, and
      really entertained the group, along with informing us. To learn
      more about Curtis and "Tales of the Everglades Angler", go to:

      After the speakers were finished, Chris Boland handed out raffle
      tickets to EVERYONE. Donnie Kish was amazed... he kept saying that
      he didn't see anyone exchanging money, but everyone had tickets!
      How does that work? Not only did everyone get tickets, but everyone
      got prizes too! As Yakov Smirnoff would say, "What a country!"
      Thank you, to Chris Boland, of Saltwater Sports, Naples, and
      Sunshine Ace Hardware, Tamiami Trail & Rattlesnake Hammock, for
      providing prizes for everyone that attended this TOTALLY FREE
      function! Sunshine Ace also offered a 10% discount on purchases for
      everyone that was there, and a lot of anglers were anxious to pick
      up some of the lures & equipment that had been talked about.

      All in all, it was a great evening, but it didn't end there. After
      the meeting was adjourned, a number of people crossed the street to
      go to Foxboro's to continue the meeting, including a couple of
      fishing enthusiasts that are fairly new to kayaking, Monica and
      Lynne. They both have plenty of experience fishing, and had plenty
      of stories to share. Since they work weekends, they might be
      getting together with "Miss Guided" for some of her expeditions -
      they all have mondays off. Curtis and Donnie accompanied the group
      to Foxboro's, and the conversation switched from fishing, to
      equipment, to funny stories... including how Donnie Kish got his own

      It seems Donnie was out fishing on his power boat, when he saw what
      looked like a rod tip sticking out of the mangroves. He edged his
      boat closer, and not only saw that it was a fishing rod, but it was
      sticking out of a partially submerged kayak, with the paddle still
      in it! After some effort, he was able to retrieve the kayak, and he
      searched the area, looking for a stranded kayaker (or a body!).
      Failing at that, he brought it to the nearby marina, where he put it
      on display for over a month, hoping that the owner would claim it...
      nobody did. So, Donnie Kish... back country guide extraordinaire,
      has a fishing kayak and NO EXCUSES! He's GOT to come fishing with
      us, cause he's got the kayak!

      A great time was had by all... thank you, to everyone that had a
      part in putting this together. Don't miss the next meeting -
      Thursday, September 6th, at 7pm, at the Sunshine Ace at Tamiami
      Trail and Rattlesnake Hammock, in Naples.


      (The blanks are now filled, Mike!)

      --- In pckfc@yahoogroups.com, Michael Devlin <mikayak@...> wrote:
      > Our first meeting was a huge success!! Lots of prizes, fun & great
      fishing info. It's late I'm sure Don will fill in the blanks Mike
      > BE SAFE HAVE FUN !
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