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7780Re: [swflpc] Campout on Picnic key

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  • oscarrattenborg@yahoo.com
    Feb 2, 2012
      Is this friday night only or both. Friday and saturday?t
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      Picnic Key campout February 10 and 11th.  Starting on Friday Feb 10.  We have two groups so far going out.  Bob and Linda Farley will be leaving the Ranger Station at 9:00 am.  Anyone wanting to join them at the earlier time Bob Farley could lead you out there.  So now we have two times leaving 9:00 am and 12:00 pm.  The 9:00 am will be with the tide the 12:00 will be against the tide.  I'll be going out with the 12:00 pm group. 


      Some people that don't want to stay overnight want to paddle out and back the same day.  Anyone wishing to do that could go with Bob and Linda Farley.


      So Far here is the people's names that are going out for Friday and Saturday:.  If anyone changes their minds about going let me know because we can only have 16 people.  That is the park limit. We have now 15.  But some aren't staying both days.  Another group we know is staying on Tiger key.  We are going to have a great time.  And remember Saturday at noon and later one of the tour groups are having chowder for free on Indian Key.  That will be fun. I will bring the permit out with me. 




      Bob and Linda Farley

      Oscar Rattenborg

      Phares Heindle

      Lynette Foster

      Liz Hawke

      Chuck Eigner

      David Whitford

      Lisa Hare

      Beth and John Courtright

      Deborah Rowland

      Pat Owen

      Bill Zembrowski

      Don Bussolotti

      There maybe some more follow up emails to come later next month.  As things always change.


      Deborah Rowland

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