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6856Re: [swflpc] Re: Solar chargers and info on multiweek trip

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  • Regis Good
    Apr 1, 2011
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      There are many good links on the web on the subject. A simple low cost option is dig a conical hole in the sand, line it with plastic sheet. Gather and pour some sea water on the plastic. Set empty pan in the middle. Put another layer of plastic(clear) over the hole leaving slack in it. Secure the perimeter with sand. Place a small weight(seashell or rock) in the center of slack top plastic cover(centered over pot below) The suns heat will cause evaportion that will condense on the underside of top plastic and the slope created by weight in the center of top cover will direct condensated water into the pot(desalinated)! I'm not sure if required but for safety reasons I'd probably still pump it through a purifier or at least boil it to be safe. How much you actually collect in this manner is yet to be seen.

      Mike Shaw told me about this but I've still got to try it. De-salinators are expensive and I've got Dromedary bags to hold a weeks worth of water so I should be able to get potable water. I'm planning on being here in Florida and I think the longest stretch I'd have to worry about is if I do the Wilderness Waterway. I also have some rain collectors for my Hennessy Hammock that attaches to your rain fly. Two litre bottles or the Patypus collapsible bottles should thread on to these if I encounter rain to collect fresh water.
      There is also a method of gathering fresh water from plants by tying a clear plastic bag around a branch of leaves and due to transpiration(water given off) of the plant it will gather inside the bag. However I think you'd want to be careful your not doing this on a toxic plant and mangroves that secrete salt on the underside of their leaves may not be best idea.

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      Rege what kind of solar still did you get or did you make one?


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