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  • Ken Rose
    Feb 5, 2010

      Logs and sealskin on whalebone frames



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      Dang, aren't most kayaks made from petroleum based products?


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      The answer is simple and obvious.
      If the tree huggers and hand holders would put as much effort in educating the luddites and ignoramuses we would be able to resolve the energy problem.
      The vast majority of the world is shifting to this solution. The oil interests are, of course, feeding our fears as they know their strangle hold on oil vs. electricity would be lost once intensive, cheap nuclear power is widely available.
      It will happen but probably only after the last drop of oil is burned.
      In the meantime, the real, cheapest form of transportation is...the paddle!


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      I didn't say that researching renewable and sustainable energy sources is a bad idea, but I do live in the real world. Feel free to name any cost effective alternative energy source that also has a low creation carbon footprint. Wind? unreliable, inefficient, and ugly. Remember how Obama wants to double the wind generation capacity of the US? Well whoopee. Wind only makes up 1% of the energy budget. Solar? expensive, high initial carbon footprint, short life span and unreliable. Geothermal? very rare, otherwise decent but expensive. Nuclear? perfect, expect for the crazy, fear mongers that have made it impossible to build. Natural gas? unsustainable. Ethanol? don't get me started! Ethanol has a net energy loss to create it and that doesn't count the energy to grow the corn or soy. It is actually a subsidization of the farmers that the US government foists on you without your consent. Hydrogen? again, net energy loss.

      How about you Prius drivers? Did you know that the batteries in your car have a higher carbon foot print than driving an Escalade? Sure you might get 55 mpg but those batteries represent hundreds of thousands of gallons of gas. More than will be saved in the lifetime of the car, let alone the batteries. Just a dirty little secret...

      So. Lets drill locally. Create jobs. Lower gas prices, which will lower the price of EVERYTHING ELSE. Stop making ethanol and divert that wasted money into research and development of a real energy solution. Like cold fusion.

      I find it funny that many people want to slow or stop progress and stifle the economy. Well, that actually has a very negative affect on research. Companies that barely make a profit, don't spend or invest in the future. And if you think some university will do the research with government money, think again. The universities make the US Armed Forces look frugal saints. The mantra of grant money is "the more I spend the more they will give me."

      What do I do you asked? I conserve. I own a 2000 sq ft house. The power bill in January was $123. December $48. November $47. Lots of CCFLs, the heat is set low, the air is set high, and I seldom watch TV. I buy very little and create minimal trash. I recycle, and not just aluminum cans and plastic bottles, but actually fix and reuse stuff that breaks. I read voraciously. I research the "facts" that we have been told. I listen. I also vote. And finally, I try to educate my friends, neighbors, and associates on how to think for themselves and not follow the herd like every other cow.

      I'm not asking you to agree with me, just think for yourself and decide if a given activity will actually have a benefit to the world or just make you feel better about yourself.

      I feel that if 100 people show up on that beach, all it means is 50 gallons of wasted gas and the revealing of a bunch of hypocrites. If you truly think it's a good cause, then surely you will ride your bike or walk?

      Do as you please, it's still a free country.



      ps. I have actually been in areas where there were oil rigs and they are far less noticeable then you will ever believe. 5 miles away and they are barely a speck on the horizon.

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      > Good thoughts, Rege!
      > Jeanette
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      > Jesse,
      > Perhaps the message won't be "Not in my backyard" but how about
      "investing in alternative sources with greater sustainability" . I believe there are more eco friendly alternatives to oil and our economy here in Lee & Collier Counties still revolve around tourism. Without public and economic pressure the incentive to pursue these isn't there.
      > I feel oil rigs on the horizon and the possible devastation to the
      environment that may be caused is worth the time and energy to hold hands.
      > Rege
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      > Date: Thursday, February 4, 2010, 8:35 AM
      > Selfish and useless gestures like this make me very sad. Do you people
      drive cars? Use electricity? Use public transportation? Then all you are saying is NOT IN MY BACKYARD. Which I find selfish beyond belief. The activity still happens, just somewhere else and it becomes someone else's problem. You may be actually making things worse for the environment because there are very strict controls on such activities in the US that are not enforced in other countries. Mexico is drilling all over the Gulf of Mexico while the US has political debates about oil spills. In the meantime, we fund terrorism with Arabic gas at $3 per gallon and keep thousands unemployed who could be drilling. I would feel a lot safer to see a bunch of American oil rigs on the horizon, with skilled American labor, than foreign oil rigs with a labor pool that can't read...
      > So remember what a gesture you are making as you drive to the beach in
      your gas powered vehicles and later watch the news broadcast on a TV powered by a oil fired power plant.
      > Futile!
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      > >
      > > http://handsacrosst hesand.com/
      > >
      > > What To Do On…
      > > February 13, 2010
      > >
      > > STEP 1 Go to the beach at 1:00 PM Eastern/12:00 PM Central Time for
      one hour, rain or shine.
      > >
      > > STEP 2 At 1:30 PM EST/12:30 PM CST, join hands for 15 minutes forming
      lines in the sand against oil drilling in our coastal waters.
      > >
      > > STEP 3 Leave only your footprints.
      > >
      > > No oil in our waters, No oil on our beaches.
      > >

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