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  • Atmo Ram
    Feb 4, 2010
      Well, at the least it has got a dialogue going, no matter what your take on the issue.  But it is better than doing nothing...

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      Thanks for saying what I was thinking. This is not an easy subject to deal with, but in the end I believe as you do that I would rather see skilled US workers than foreign less skilled workers on the rigs. China is already trying to drill off the East coast of Florida. And we all know the quality control we get from Chinese products...lead paint, toxic drywall, and so on. No one is saying we shouldn't do anything, but pointing out that if we stop more responsible companies from drilling then less responsible companies will.

      So no matter what your belief is, we must ensure that whoever is drilling for oil on our coasts are abiding by the strictest regulations. Foreign entities will not be it.

      We have huge problems right here at home on the mainland that affect the quality of our waterways. I live on the East Coast in Indian River County. We have the only filter station in existence that filters out the trash and other harmful items before they can make their way into the Indian River Lagoon. The lagoon is home to dolphin, manatee, fish, birds, gators, etc. People  who live on canals will knowingly throw garbage into the canals or debris will blow into the canals. Some will kill hogs, deer, cows and throw the carcasses into the canal instead of burying them. The bacteria from these carcasses is very harmful. But one of the biggest polluters of our waterways is the fertilizer we humans use to make our lawns/plants beautiful. Every time we water our lawns or it rains these chemicals find their way into the canals and then into the lagoon. Never fertilize before a rain storm which will wash the newly applied fertilizer off your lawn. This is true of even washing our cars. Even our pets are culprits of polluting when their feces are washed away and the bacteria from it makes its way into our canals & lagoon. Some dog owners who live on canals throw their pets feces directly into the canals which then doesn't allow the land to help disperse the harmful bacteria. The filter station takes out tons of debris weekly. Things like lawn furniture, old bikes, cans, plastic bottles and so on. There are plans to build a second filter station here to be placed in a location that will be even more effective in trapping and removing the debris before it makes its way into the lagoon.

      So maybe 'Hands Across Home Depot/Lowes" would have a greater impact in educating the populous of the harm they sometimes unknowingly do. Chemicals we don't see but have a detrimental effect on all our wildlife. 


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      Selfish and useless gestures like this make me very sad. Do you people drive cars? Use electricity? Use public transportation? Then all you are saying is NOT IN MY BACKYARD. Which I find selfish beyond belief. The activity still happens, just somewhere else and it becomes someone else's problem. You may be actually making things worse for the environment because there are very strict controls on such activities in the US that are not enforced in other countries. Mexico is drilling all over the Gulf of Mexico while the US has political debates about oil spills. In the meantime, we fund terrorism with Arabic gas at $3 per gallon and keep thousands unemployed who could be drilling. I would feel a lot safer to see a bunch of American oil rigs on the horizon, with skilled American labor, than foreign oil rigs with a labor pool that can't read...

      So remember what a gesture you are making as you drive to the beach in your gas powered vehicles and later watch the news broadcast on a TV powered by a oil fired power plant.


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      > http://handsacrosst hesand.com/ index.php
      > What To Do On…
      > February 13, 2010
      > STEP 1 Go to the beach at 1:00 PM Eastern/12:00 PM Central Time for one hour, rain or shine.
      > STEP 2 At 1:30 PM EST/12:30 PM CST, join hands for 15 minutes forming lines in the sand against oil drilling in our coastal waters.
      > STEP 3 Leave only your footprints.
      > No oil in our waters, No oil on our beaches.

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