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326Swept Away

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  • Don
    Dec 2, 2005
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      Rege told me about a program on the Discovery Channel, called "I
      Shouldn't Have Lived". It's one of those "Survival" type shows.
      One in particular, is titled "Swept Away", and it is showing
      saturday at 5pm. Here is the description from the website:
      The Survivors: Saul Kinderis and Larry Kaiser
      The Dilemma: In the worst of circumstances, do you leave your best
      friend behind?
      Two best friends set off in seagoing kayaks to tour Washington
      State's San Juan Islands. One does not admit that he's a complete
      novice kayaker. Having originally met on the athletics track in
      school, the friendly competition that brought them together now
      leads them toward disaster. As night approaches, they fall victim to
      stormy conditions and surging currents. The novice is making no
      headway at all, and will soon be sucked out into the Pacific. The
      more experienced kayaker decides to leave his struggling friend and
      paddle on alone. Has he gone to get help ... or is he saving his own
      Here is a link to the website: