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2963Re: 4 day kayak

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  • Don
    Mar 3, 2008
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      --- In swflpc@yahoogroups.com, Pat Owen <p8owen@...> wrote:
      > Don, does this mean you'll have a new email?
      > skinkayaker at (yahoo?) dot com?
      > How soon will kits be available?
      > Pat O

      ROFLMAO <<<---(ask a teenager what that means)

      Pat - I love it - maybe I should - "Skinkayaker" sounds good! I
      still have some details to work out with finalizing the design,
      preparing assembly manuals & videos, and we need to get supply lines
      set up for the various components. I can say this - the design for
      (at the very least) 2 of 6 introductory models, should be complete
      for the Paradise Coast Kayak Festival at Isle of Capri in April.
      We'll have them there for anyone to paddle.
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