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2227Re: [swflpc] Re: Fisheating Creek 8/5/07

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  • p8owen@aol.com
    Aug 1, 2007
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      Take I75 south, exit on Hwy 80 which is Exit# 141, turn left (east)
      Take 80 East toward LaBelle (approx 25 miles from I75 & Hwy 80).
      In LaBelle turn left at Hwy 29 to go north (travel approx 12 miles on Hwy 29)
      At Hwy 27 turn left, Fisheating Creek park is on left (look for small brown sign).

      For more information about Fisheating Creek go to:

      Pat Owen

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      Does anyone know how to get there? this will be my first time? I have
      a GPS in case you have coordinates?

      Thank you.

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      > > Miss Pat:
      > >
      > > Could you give me a little more info on the pads and cushions,
      > like
      > > what part of my yak would need protecting?. ...maybe, how thick
      > pads
      > > should be? If you'd perfer, I could call Fisheating and find out.
      > >
      > > Thank you.
      > >
      > I can help with this... we were just there last weekend. Your boat
      > will be transported on the wooden crossbars of the trailer. You'll
      > want 2 foam pads (at least 1" thick) to protect the bottom. But if
      > you go with a large group, as we did, they'll put 2 boats on each
      > set of crossbars. That means the boats will be propped against
      > other to a certain degree. A couple of thick towels to put between
      > the boats will help. The ride to the put in is about 20 minutes on
      > mostly smooth paved road, so jostling is kept to a minimun except
      > for the short trip to the water's edge. We had a great trip... one
      > the best paddles in Florida. Have fun everyone.
      > Lynne

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