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118Sore butt & numb legs

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  • yakandsnorkel2
    Sep 1 5:46 AM
      Hi Everyone,
      Need some advice, HELP!
      Recently purchased 17'Perception Eclipse yak used. I'm 6'-1", 205lbs.
      cockpit measures 18 1/2" X 34".
      Problem is after paddling a couple hours my butt gets REAL SORE & my
      legs go numb. It's the older Eclipse without the new liquid cell seat.
      The seat back is padded but real firm, Patrick described it " like a
      2X4 wood block". Jerry at Estero River Outfitters checked and said new
      eclipse seat wouldn't fit older Eclipse.
      Did wreck motorcycycle and fracture 2 vertebre 15 years ago
      Anyone have similar problems? Advice???
      Rege Good 239-443-8136
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