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Pls read & forward it ( I havn't read it yet lozz)

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  • pinky
    Dear Friends, pls read & support this effort. This is genuine as it was sent to me by a friend who is an MP in Maldives. Thank you.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2006
      Dear Friends, pls read & support this effort. This is genuine as it
      was sent
      to me by a friend who is an MP in Maldives.

      Thank you.


      Subject: FW: Child Protection...

      Last week, a 3 year old girl (in South Africa) was beaten and raped.
      She is
      still alive. The man
      responsible was released on bail yesterday. He is walking the
      streets. If
      you are too busy to read this then just sign your name and forward
      this on.
      The Government is planning to close the child protection unit and
      this is a
      petition against it.

      This is a very important petition. It is an essential part of the
      system for children. You may have already heard that there's a myth
      in South
      Africa that having sex with a virgin will cure AIDS. The younger the
      the more potent the cure. This has led to an epidemic of rapes by
      males, with the correspondent infection of innocent kids. Many have
      died in
      these cruel rapes.

      Recently in Cape Town, a 9-month-old baby was raped by 6 men. Please
      about that for a moment.

      The child abuse situation is now reaching catastrophic proportions
      and if we
      don't do something, then who will? Kindly add your name to the
      bottom of the
      list and please pass this on to as many people as you know. If you
      signature no.: 120 - please forward the mail-list to

      Please don't be complacent, do something about the kids of South
      Africa. You
      can make a difference. That child is fighting for life. This is just
      one of
      the million cases of child abuse, so please pledge your support and
      keep CPU (CHILD PROTECTION UNIT) open. Please give your support to
      petition and ensure that it goes to as many people as possible.

      Please don't just leave it, makea difference. In order to write your
      copy this message and
      paste it in a new mail (compose). Or click on forward and add your
      name to
      the list and send it on to others. Again, if you are number 120
      please send
      this to childprotectpca@...

      1. Julia McNaught (Brazil)
      2. Jackie Boocock ( France )
      3. Julie Parry (Belgium)
      4. Clare Richardson (Belgium)
      5. Chantal Callewaert (Belgium)
      6. Brigitte Smets(Belgium)
      7. Anne Van Oekel (Belgium)
      8. Christine Van Oekel
      9. Annabella Schwagten (Belgium)
      10. Astrid Van Roy (Belgium)
      11. Inez Goessens (belgium)
      12. Salomo Bartolomees (Belgium)
      13. Ine Jans (Belgium)
      14. Iris Dautzenberg (Belgium)
      15. Niels Robeyns (belgium)
      16. Lore Robeyns
      17. Rina Rabau (Belgium)
      18. Hellen Larbi (belgium)
      19. Jennifer Addae (Belgium))
      20. Eiva Ben Mosbah
      21. Uschi De Neve
      22. Celine Delire (Belgium)
      23. Tack Stefanie (Belgium)
      24. Caroline Boven (Belgium)
      25. Rutten Isabelle
      26. Lotte Ribbens (Belgium)
      27. Kim Fran?E�ois (Belgium)
      28. Anne Marie Honggokoesoemo (Belgium)
      29. Maarten Moesen (Belgium)
      30. Tutu Puoane (South Africa)
      31. Ewout Pierreux (Belgium)
      32. Kate Mayne (Belgium/GB)
      33. Marie-Kristine Houtekier (Belgium)
      34. Iris Kockelbergh (Belgium)
      35. Rita Van Dooren (Belgium)
      36. Karin Gielen (Belgium)
      37. Hugo Dayers (Belgium)
      38. ElfriedaVerlooy (Belgium)
      39 Frans Dayers(Belgium)
      40 Jacqueline Vranckx(Belgium)
      41 Rolande Vandenherreweghen ( Belgium )
      42 Jean-Paul Butzler ( Belgium )
      43 Philippe Lepage (Belgium)
      44.Anne Ma lfroot (Belgium)
      45.Bea Verbeeck (Belgium)
      46. Kris Smet (Belgium)
      47. Han Zinzen (Belgium)
      48. Inge D'Hulster (Belgium)
      49. Bruno Lepage (Belgium)
      50. Jan Van Besauw Belgium)
      51. Erlinda Fuentebella Gilman (Belgium)
      52. Geraldine Tioingson Osias (Philippines)
      53. Minerva S. Baylon (Philippines)
      54. Francis Chua (UK/Philippines)
      55. Marie M. Chua (Philippines)
      56. Grace Favila (Philippines)
      57. Gina Ordonez (Philippines)
      59. Lourdes R. Quisumbing (Philippines)
      60. Maria Lourdes Q. Baybay (Philippines)
      61. Ma. Margarita A. Acosta (Phlippines)
      62. Doreen Marco (Philippines)
      63. Pilita Quizon-Venturanza (Philippines)
      64. Olga Q.Cajanding (Philippines)
      65.John Mengry F. Valenzuela (Philippines)
      66.Juanita Joy A. Ricafort (Philippines)
      67. Amy Pomoy (Philippines)
      68. Shannon Capati (Philippines)
      69. Carmel de Leon (Philippines)
      70. Lyra R. Verzosa (Philippines)
      71. Lorenzo Lerma (Philippines)
      72.Deana Rodriguez (Philippines)
      73. Danicar Mariano (Philippines)
      74. Gichelle A. Cruz (Philippines)
      75. Daryl L.Leyesa (Philippines)
      76. Amparo R. Miciano (Philippines)
      77. Mylene dela Cruz-Saluta (Philippines)
      78. Jerbert M. Briola (Philippines)
      79. Dashell C. Yancha (Philippines)
      80. Jose Roberto F. Po (Philippines)
      81. Jiyam shrestha ( Nepal)
      82. Serap Maktav (Nepal)
      83. Mohamed Naeem (Maldives)
      84. Maana Rafiu (Maldives)
      85. Ahmed Thiham(Maldives)
      86. Shamla Rafiu (Maldives)
      87. Mausooma Abdulla (Maldives)
      88. A.Shereen (Maldives)
      89. Dhanish AR (Maldives)
      90. H.Howlath (Maldives)
      91. Dhimsha,FR (Maldives)
      92. J.Hameed (Maldives)
      93. S. Mohamed (Maldives)
      94. M. Ijaz(Maldives)
      95. A. Malak (Maldives)
      96. Sayyid Ali (Maldives)
      97. Shahindha Ismail (Maldives)
      98. Mariyam Nazahath (Maldives)
      99. R. Waheed (Maldives)

      100. A.Hussain (Maldives)

      101.aminath (Maldives)

      102.Lubna Zahir Hussain(Maldives)

      103.Ahmed Abdulla(maldives)

      104. Vino Selvatoray(Malaysia)

      105. Logan Sivanasen (Malaysia)

      106. Ramesh Muniandy(Malaysia)

      107. Tana (Malaysia)

      108. Alvin Gan/ yogachaitanya (Malaysia)


      110. Ei Yupar Win (Myanmar)

      111. Aung Phyo Thwin (Myanmar)

      112. Pinky Lay (Burma)
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