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Chinese Comedy at San Jose, CA on Jan 5-6, 2002

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    http://server37.hypermart.net/hwayi/chineseIntro.htm 7 Star General -a Comedy --Hua Yi Performing Group Presents 7 Star General is a comedy. It will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2001

      "7 Star General"-a Comedy

      --Hua Yi Performing Group Presents
      "7 Star General is a comedy. It will be performed by Hua Yi Chinese
      Performing Group, which is a non-profit organization, in Chinese
      Mandarin with English subtitle.

      7 Star General Synopsis
      Performed in Mandarin with English subtitles, 7 Star General is a
      modern comedy loaded with male chauvinism and stupidity that will
      keep you amused for the entire play. But there is more to it - the
      infidelity, insecurity, and loneliness of the females also help to
      complete the story. Based on a true story that occurred not too long
      ago in Taiwan, 7 Star General exposes the emptiness and helplessness
      of social dysfunction most people face in a bubble-economic society.

      After acquiring a PH.D degree from the States, Jijian soon finds out
      that the world is not as promised. In dealing with the fact that his
      career is out shined by his wife's success, he turns to womanizing to
      prove that he is a man with great power and charm. Along with Jijian
      and his chauvinism and arrogance, there is also an old bachelor who
      is eager to learn everything about love, a tramp that lives off
      women? labor, and seven women seeking passion and the sparkle long
      lost in their own marriages.

      The play, will be presented on Nov. 24, 25 at Cowell Theater, San
      Francisco, and on Jan. 5, 6, 2002 at Mexican Heritage Plaza, San
      Jose. Theater and Box Offices information are listed below.

      Mexican Heritage Plaza. 1700 Alum Rock Ave., San Jose, CA 95116.408-

      Jan. 5, 2002, Saturday. 3:00 PM, 8:00 PM. Jan. 6, 2002, Sunday. 3:00

      Box Offices:

      World Journal Book Store, 824 Stockton Street, San Francisco. Tel:
      EastWindBookStore,1435StocktonStreet, San Francisco.
      Tel: 415-772-5888/5877/5899
      4 Star Theater 2200 Clement Street, San Francisco.
      Tel: 415-666-3488
      San Francisco Computer Center4300 Geary Blvd., San Francisco.
      Mo Mo Bookstore, 10871 N. Wolfe Rd. Cupertino, Ca 95014,
      Tel: 408 863 1288.
      Alpine Bookstore, 146 Castro St., Mountain View, Ca 94041,
      Tel: 650 969 1858.
      World Journal Bookstore, 10122 Bandley Dr. Cupertino, Ca 95014,
      Tel: 408 973 9587.
      Hua Wen Bookstore,1268 Kentwood Ave., San Jose, Ca 95123,
      Tel: 408 257 7251.
      World Journal Book Store, 46871 Warm Springs Blvd. Fremont, CA. 94539
      Mary's Bakery, 34370,Fremont Blvd., Fremont, Ca 94555,
      Tel:510 796 7875
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