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SVWA Newsletter - 2011/08/11

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  • SV Women's Association
      1. 硅谷女性协会将于2011年8月13日参加北加州華人文化體育協會運動大會開幕入場式 2. SVWA Summer Fun Potluck Play Date - 
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      1. 硅谷女性协会将于2011813日参加北加州華人文化體育協會運動大會開幕入場式

      2. SVWA Summer Fun Potluck Play Date -  2011/08/20, Fremont Central Park

      3. An appreciation letter from SVWA President to the ambassadors to Shin Shin SVWA School
      4. Silicon Valley Women Association 10 Years Anniversary Celebration – 2011/09/27
      1. 硅谷女性协会将于2011813日参加北加州華人文化體育協會運動大會開幕入場式
      亲愛的会员们, 继承硅谷儿女性协会多年来的传统,我们将率团队参加2011年北加州華人文化體育協會運動大會。 请全体会员在以下时间地点集合。带上你们的家人朋友,参加开幕式游行,观看表演,参与游戏.開幕入場式之后,我们将前往Hometown Buffet一起吃中饭。
      时间: 2011813日上午九時
      地点: 東灣聯合市James Logan High School田徑場 1800 H St., Union City ,CA 94587
      Hometown Buffet
      1604 Decoto Road
      Union City, CA 94587
      (510) 441-1151
      (close to Alvarado Niles and Marina Food grocery store.)
      2. SVWA Summer Fun Potluck Play Date, 2011/08/20, Fremont Central Park
       Dear Friends and Family

       Let's have the summer potluck in our beautiful Fremont Central Park!

      The Fremont Central Park and Lake Elizabeth is an 83 acre park in Fremont. There are 4 playground areas, 2 basketball courts, a boat launch area with rentals available, fishing, driving range, water park, skate park, soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis courts and lots of paths for walking and biking.

      Sounds fun? Yes!

      Date: 8/20/2011 Saturday
      Time: 11:30-2:30
      Place: Fremont Central Park (Look for SVWA Flag / Banner)
      - 40000 Paseo Padre Pkwy Fremont, CA 94538
      What to bring: Some dishes to share. This is potluck style. Please RSVP with what you will be bringing and we will compile a list to coordinate.
      - Veggie
      - Meat
      - Seafood
      - Rice / Noodles
      - Drinks
      - Desert & Fruits

      Whom to invite: you and your family and friends. All ages welcomed!

      You are also welcome to bring blankets / camping chairs / fishing & sports & games. If you have a portable table please also let us know we might need it. :) Welcome volunteers who can set up and clean up.


      3. An appreciation letter from SVWA President to our ambassadors to Shin Shin School
      Dear SVWA BOD and Members,

      I am honored to express SVWA’s gratification for Lily’s hospitality for a warmhearted gathering at her grand residence last Sunday. Other than social networking and meeting two of our Guests of Honors, Vickie from Shin Shin, and Helen, SVWA’s long time supporter, we were very pleased to be briefed the trip report and video presented by Lily and her son, Albert. It was very heartfelt hearing the principal telling us that many children educated from the school are now grown-ups working at different places, and are reciprocating with their accomplishments and contributions that became the major driving force propelling the education system in that area. Furthermore, they were impressed and intrigued by Albert’s demonstration of strong independency and competency at such young age, which in turn trigger their eagerness for learning American pedagogy methodologies and theories. This definitely is much more profound impact than what was anticipated by SVWA when it first started this initiative 10 years ago.

      With this appreciation letter to Lily and Albert, also serve as a small journal report, I’d like to ask for SVWA BOD and members’ continuous support in working together with me to not only sustain SVWA’s missions, but to grow the organization by recruiting more people like Lily and Albert, to dissipate SVWA’s influence across China and USA, and eventually around the globe!

      Sincerely Yours,
      Shue Han Chou, PMP, CSM
      SVWA President
      4.  Silicon Valley Women Association 10 Years Anniversary Celebration

      9/24/2011, 12 – 3 PM
      Guest of Honor Speaker: Lilly Cook, Image Consultant –
      “Change Your Image, and You’ll Change Your Life!!!”
      Also featuring Big Boys Band & many other outstanding performers for great entertainment!!!
      $25 Per Person, Lunch Included.
      Contact: Shue Han Chou - shuehanchou@... or 650 892 2149
      Alice Sundberg - sunnyalice518@...  or 510 579 9758
      SVWA conducts yearly fund- raising activities to support its missions of disseminating cultural and charity events helping those in needs.  This year will be SVWA 10th birthday, and we hope with your participation, we can make the biggest fund raising achievement we ever have!   Please visit www.svwomen.org to learn about the special project of 硅谷女性欣欣小學 (ShinShin School), the main purpose of this event.

      SVWA, a group by the women, and for the women! 
      Website: http://www.svwomen.org
      Contact: svwomen@...
      Join the group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/svwomen
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