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Silicon Valley Women Association Newsletter 20110310

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    Silicon Valley Women Association Newsletter 20110310 1. SVWA 快讯:2011年硅谷女性协会母亲节英文徵文活动于3月8日开始,2011
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 10, 2011

    Silicon Valley Women Association Newsletter 20110310


    1.      SVWA 快讯:2011年硅谷女性协会母亲节英文徵文活动于3月8日开始,2011 Mother’s Day English Essay Contest starting March 3, 2011

    2.      转发: "Challenges for IPO"March 12 Saturday, 3pm

    3.      转发:“巴山蜀水迎兔年联欢晚会, 3/19/2011, Saturday, 5:30 pm


    1. 2011年硅谷女性协会母亲节英文徵文活动

    第七届硅谷女性协会母亲节英文徵文活动于38日开始,请在硅谷女性协会网站 www.svwomen.org 查询详情。


    。语言必须是英文。字数在3001000之间. 原创,没有在任平面媒体发表过。每个投稿人限投一篇文章。征文范围限制於海外华人。
    。征文标题格式为: [2011母亲节征文] +文章主题
    。请各位参赛者将作品直接email到母亲节征文大赛信箱: svwa.essay@...
    38日至 20114301159PM。获奖名单将于58号母亲节当天由硅谷 女性协会公布,并在报刊以及其他媒体,网站同期公布。 颁奖庆祝会将另行通知。
    一等奖 (一名):$150
    二等奖 (一名):100
    三等奖 (一名):$50
    13岁以下叁赛者,将获『儿童优秀写作佳奖』── 共选三名,不分名次。

    This contest is sponsored by Wanda Investment Corporation, whose mission is to promote better body, mind, and wealth through knowledge sharing about anti-aging technologies, products, and business ideas. For more information, please come to our 2011 Open House Cocktails Party on 3/20/2011 from 2 – 4 PM at Silicon Valley Anti-Aging Group Office, 2021 The Alameda,
    #290San Jose, CA 95126, Please RSVP through: wanda688@..., or call Shue Han Chou at 650-892-2149 

    Bio of the judges:
    Ann Crossman is an author, poet, and educator. She made her publishing debut in 2008 with <<Getting the Best Out of College>>: A Professor, a Dean, and a Student Tell You How to maximize Your Experience, which now has a second edition on its way in 2012. She has a third book forthcoming in 2011 <<Study Smart, Study Less>>: A compact guide making learning fast,
    fun. Ann recently published her first book of poems <<Trying to Remember>>: A memoir about Alzheimer’s. For more information about Anne or her work, visit www.AnneCrossman.com
    Paula Dragosh has worked in publishing, both production and editorial, for twenty-five years, at newspapers, graphic design studios, trade publishers, and university presses. Her current clients include Duke University Press, University of Minnesota Press, and University of California Press. Paula is also a member of Editcetera, an editorial collective in Berkeley. She grew up in the Midwest, lived on the East Coast for twenty years, and has lived in San Francisco since 2003.
    Jennifer Han graduated from National Taiwan Normal University in 1981 with an English major and has taught English in high schools for 25 years in Taiwan before settling in the bay area. While teaching, Jennifer also completed her graduate courses during summer breaks. She used to write articles for Chinese Times in Taiwan and participated various writing competitions from
    time to time.
    Margit Look Henry studied English Literature and Religion at the University of Waterloo and holds a Masters of Arts degree from the University of Toronto. She has worked as an ESL teacher
    in Taiwan and in Toronto. She is a freelance editor who specializes in helping students make their words shine. In addition to volunteering with the San Jose Quilting Museum and in literacy
    programs, Margit is working on her first novel for children.
    Melissa Wibom is an Instructional Designer and Technical Writer for Stanford's IT department. As her title suggests, she writes for a living by using her writing skills to translate the technical ramblings of very intelligent developers into words that make sense to the less technical people who inhabit this world.
    "Challenges for IPO"
    Time: Saturday, March 12th, 2011, 3PM-4:30PM
     Venue: 2039 Kammerer Ave, San Jose, CA 95116 (Mayfair Community Center)
    Keynote Speakers:
    Iris Lei - President, Silicon Valley Chinese Engineers Association
    Qiang Li - CEO & Founder, Trunkbow International Holdings
    Scott Jeng - Supervisor TACC-NC
    RSVP: 650-766-9916 Cary Liu
    Email: ChallengeFor IPO@...
    See attached flyer for more details


    可口的四川佳肴 ,精彩的节目


    时间: 3/19/2011, Saturday, from 5:30 - 10:00pm
    地点: Milpitas Community Center
    (457 East Calaveras Blvd, Milpitas, CA 95035)

    请提前上网购票: http://www.sichuanfolks.org 

    网上购票(含晚餐):$15/, $13/ 三人或以上 (网上购票315日,周二停止)

    现场购票 $20/(场地座位有限,不保证有票出售,且6:30pm以后视情况售票)

    请提前购票:提前购票不仅可以帮助我们预定足够的饭菜,给大家提供更好的服务;  而且您还有门票优惠,并能确保入场。

    Website: http://www.svwomen.org
    Contact: svwomen@...
    Join the group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/svwomen

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