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SVWA Event Reminder: Professional Development Seminar, June 6th Sunday 2pm

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       SVWA Professional Development Seminar #1: Powerful Communication Beyond Words Speaker: Kimberly Wiefling, Founder and President of Wiefling Consulting
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       SVWA Professional Development Seminar #1: Powerful Communication Beyond Words


      Kimberly Wiefling, Founder and President of Wiefling Consulting (http://wiefling.com)

      Time:               June 6th, 2010, Sunday, 2:00pm to 4:00pm

      Location:        Silicon Valley Asian Art Center , 4th Floor,

      3777 Stevens Creek Blvd. Santa Clara , CA 95051

      Cost:               Free for SVWA 2010 paid members

      $5.00 for non members

      Please RSVP through the following Evite link:


      Powerful Communication Beyond Words

      Although English has been called the international business language, the words alone can actually carry less than 10% of the meaning in a live, in-person conversation.  Perfect English is not required for perfect understanding.  Percy Barnevik, former CEO of the American construction company ABB, once joked that the common language at ABB was “bad English”.  And the head of Samsung said "It's more important that we speak bad English than good Korean."  Tone of voice, facial expression, gestures and body language, as well as context, contribute the vast majority of meaning in face-to-face discussions.  Yet many people insist on conducting most of their business communication via email, even when the person receiving the email is sitting only a short walk away.  Over-reliance on email creates misunderstandings that could be easily resolved with a single direct conversation and the full richness of non-verbal communication.  In addition, open and honest communication that builds trust must be based on a heart-connection, not just a meeting of the minds, and a true commitment to a mutually beneficial relationship.  This kind of rapport can be built most easily through face-to-face interaction.  But even email and phone calls can be far more effective when the message acknowledges a human connection.  This module explores how to expand business communication beyond words to non-verbal expression, positive intention and commitment to mutual benefit.


      Speaker’s Bio:

      Kimberly Wiefling is the founder of Wiefling Consulting, LLC (http://wiefling. com), a global leadership and business management consulting firm.  Kimberly Wiefling specializes in enabling people to achieve what seems impossible, but is merely difficult.  She is the author of one of the top project management books in the US, “Scrappy Project Management - The 12 Predictable and Avoidable Pitfalls Every Project Faces”, growing in popularity around the world, and published in Japanese by Nikkei Business Press.  As the founder of Wiefling Consulting, LLC, she consults to global business leaders committed to solving global problems profitably. 

      Thanks to Silicon Valley Asian Art Center , SCEA, Cnetwork and SVSpeakers Club for their support to this event!


      SVWA, a group by the women, and for the women! 

      Website: http://www.svwomen.org
      Contact: svwomen@...
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