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Calling For Sponsorship For Father's Day Essay Contest

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  • SV Women's Association
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    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2007
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      Dear Silicon Valley Women's Association's Members and Friends, 

      Silicon Valley Women Association is a non-profit organization
      for professional women. This year, for the women living outside
      China, we will hold a Father's Day essay contest
      to strengthen their family relationships and make parenting
      happier. As daughters, we want to say "thank you" to our
      fathers who raise and love us; as daughters-in-law, we like
      to express the appreciation to the care from our fathers-in-law;
      as mothers, we want to celebrate Father's Day to honor our
      beloved husbands. Through this contest, we cast our gratitude
      into beautiful essays. Please join us to celebrate this Father's Day!

      We are seeking sponsorship for the essay contest. All
      sponsors will be formally acknowledged in all the contest
      announcements, and links will be made from the contest main
      page to the home page of sponsors. The way to support us is
      to make a donation to the contest prizes. Different levels
      (from $50 to $300) of support are available.

      If you are interested in the sponsorship, please contact Xiaofeng
      Zhang (650-520-9408, E-mail:xzhang123@...) or
      Huimin Shao (650-646-8665, Email: huimin.shao@...).

      Thank you in advance.

      Silicon Valley
      Women's Association

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      BBS: http://www.svwomen.org/bbs/index.php
      Mailing List: svwomen@yahoogroups.com
      Join the group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/svwomen
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