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Reminder: Chinese Folk House Art Appreciation on Sunday May 7th

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    Chinese Folk House Art Appreciation Host: Silicon Valley Women & HP Asian Pacific Employee Network Time/Date: 2:00pm, May 7th., 2006 Where: East
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      Chinese Folk House Art Appreciation

      Host:         Silicon Valley Women & HP Asian Pacific Employee Network
      Time/Date: 2:00pm, May 7th., 2006
      Where:      East Asian Library at Meyer Library,
                      560 ESCONDIDO MALL, Stanford
      Language:   Mandarin

      RSVP:    http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/svwomen@.../art2006 
      Please sign up so that we can inform you of any event changes if there are.

      中 國,一個有著與美利堅一般廣闊領土的大國,竟有著56個不同的少數民族。這些民族蓋的都是他們獨特的房屋。連占92%的漢族,建房方式也不盡相同。余春 明,一個於1983年畢業於杭州美院的中國畫家,用幾年的時間走遍祖國大地,將旅行和觀察納入他的畫中,各式各樣反映著不同文化的普通民房住宅就這樣進入 了他的藝術世界!


      Chinese folk houses are the treasures that Chinese ancestors passed to the future generation. They embody the spirits that Chinese strived for a better life with. They carry the wisdoms to collaborate with nature. They hold the honors that the dwellers are proud of. With the unique talent, Mr. Chunming Yu transforms the Chinese folk houses into exclusive arts. With the interpretive insight, he catches the beauty and dignity of the buildings in his painting. As the modern commercial builders are aggressively expediting their mass constructions, Mr. Yu's work is a vital and noble campaign to save Chinese folk houses into the repertory of human civilization.
      The book club of Silicon Valley Women and HP Asian Pacific Employee Network are proud to present an appreciation seminar about Chinese folk house paintings by Mr. Chunming Yu on May 7th. We will have a chance to enjoy Mr. Yu's work, the stories of his journey in the art world, and his passions to Chinese fork house. You are sincerely invited to this event.

      1. General talk about art
      2. Tour of Mr. Yu's paintings collection.
      Both of the items are conducted by Mr. Chunming Yu.

      How to meet:
      In front of Meyer library, we will meet under the banner of Silicon Valley Women. 

      Contact us: svwomen@... or www.svwomen.org

      Mr. Chunming Yu's website is at www.chunmingarts.org .

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