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Chinese Moon festival B.B.Q Picnic 09/18

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    Chinese Moon festival B.B.Q Picnic - Organized by NACSA, CNetwork & SVWomen The Chinese Moon Festival is coming! In celebrating this traditional festival,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 3, 2004
      Chinese Moon festival B.B.Q Picnic
        - Organized by NACSA, CNetwork & SVWomen
      The Chinese Moon Festival is coming!  In celebrating this traditional festival, NACSA (North American Chinese Semiconductor Association), CNetwork and Silicon Valley Women jointly invite all members and their families/friends for an outdoor B.B.Q Picnic at Baylands Park, Sunnyvale on Saturday. September 18th, 2004.  Beside the BBQ/Drinks and social mixer, we will have various interesting program to suit each of our age group including:
      For Adults:
      - Quiz session with various prizes;
      - Tug-O-War;
      - Volleyball game.
      - Music/Singing from �Recycle Bin� Band;
      For Kids:
      - Kid�s game with prizes at kid�s play ground;
      For Seniors:
      - Senior On-site consultation on �Chinese Seniors Life in America�
      Date/Time: 11:00am � 4:30pm, Saturday, Sept 18th 2004
      11:00 � 12:00pm Ticketing, Snacks/drinks, Social Mixer
      12:00 � 2:00pm  BBQ / Drinks & Quiz/Prizes
      2:30 � 4:30pm
        �Recycle Bin� Band
        �Chinese Seniors Life in America�;
        Kid�s games at Kid�s play ground;
        Adult�s Volleyball game.
      4:30pm    End
      Ticket Price:  $8 for adult, $4 for seniors and kids under 12 years
      Ticketing: You must purchase tickets before come to Baylands Park!
                 Ticket site Open hour:  11:00am � 1:30pm
                 Ticket site: In front of Building 13 At Caribbean Corporate Center
                              1310 � 1327 Chesapeake terrace, Sunnyvale, CA 94089
                              (Just cross the Caribbean Dr from Baylands Park, there will be directional signs on the day)
      Parking:    $4 per car for car park in the park, car pool is recommended
                  N.B. There are free parking spaces by the ticketing site
      Picnic Place:  Baylands Park
                     999 Carribean Drive
                     Sunnyvale, CA 84089
      All our members and their families and friends are welcomed.  We are in �first come first serve� bases. 
      We may stop ticketing when 400 tickets sold.
      If you have any question please email to: youwen_yi@... or call Ping Lee: (408) 757 8887.
      Look forward to seeing you at Chinese Moon Festival BBQ Picnic!

      Committee for Chinese Moon Festival BBQ Picnic

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